10 May 2020

Knotty problem for modern workplace

With a flattened curve, many of us are turning our minds to making the transition from comfy couch to corporate cubicle, only to be confronted with a problem of a knotty kind - the neck tie.
05 May 2020

Cracking the code for going back in to work

As thousands of Aussies prepare to return to the office over the coming weeks, spare a thought for those who will make the challenging transition from their comfy couches to a cubicle farm.
05 May 2020

Video conferencing needs eyes wide open

Public servants have been directed to work from home to do their bit to flatten the corona virus curve, without affecting the ability of the business of government to carry on.
03 May 2020

Powerful lessons from lives in lockdown

One of the most powerful lessons we have learnt from COVID-19 is that things can change rapidly and with little warning.
29 April 2020

Bosses need to plan to smooth way for return to work

With the threat of COVID-19 appearing to subside, a return to workplace normality may be only a month or less away.
22 April 2020

Suspicious bosses are making the WFH world even harder

Just a few weeks ago, bosses around the country moved to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by shutting office doors and sending millions of Australians to work from home, hoping it would be business as usual.
22 April 2020

There's a stranger in the house

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many changes to our lives, including couples working at home together for the very first time.
20 April 2020

Couples' cabin fever threat looms as new workplace reality hits home

As thousands of workers create make-shift officer bunkers in their lounge rooms to flatten the corona virus curve, many couples find themselves wading into unchartered territory.
20 April 2020

EQ a go-to when going gets tough

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens we are bombarded with information about new cases, escalating death rates, raised ways to flatten the infection curve and, of course, the dire economic impact.
19 April 2020

There's hope for those who can reinvent

As thousands of people come to grips with the many challenges of working from home because of COVID-19, others are facing a crisis of the opposite kind: no longer having a job.