23 June 2019

When productivity is driven to distraction

So, you are having trouble staying focused at work? Well, it might comfort you to know that you are not alone.
17 June 2019

Time to rule out too many office rules

Have you got a job that has you so committed that you jump out of bed faster than a runaway train for the daily commute to the office? Not likely..
17 June 2019

Too much scent makes little sense

In a move reminiscent of the smoke-free office campaigns of the past, scent-sitive workers are emerging as strong backers for a fragrance-free workplace.
16 June 2019

Why being a gopher can undermine careers

Everyone needs additional help at times. But exactly how much is too much?
15 June 2019

Memo to ScoMo: We need some leadership

Coverage from the recent CEO Voice Series Luncheon where WA leader discussed post election expectations.
09 June 2019

Anonymity eases pressure of workplace gifts

Are you starting to feel pestered by the weekly emails asking you to make a contribution towards purchasing a colleague's gift? You're not alone.
02 June 2019

When a work colleague has offensive habits

From clipping finger nails at the desk to passing wind in a confined office or enjoying a pungent lunch at your desk - some of your colleagues do have offensive habits that if left unchecked can make your working life miserable.
30 May 2019

Bosses must clear the air to keep workers healthy

A new movement in our workplaces is starting to create a stink stronger than a fertiliser factory on a hot day.
26 May 2019

Time to toss out the cringeworthy cliches

With the meteoric rise of digital technology tech-speak becoming more acceptable, the use of jargon to convey thoughts and ideas in the workplace might well have reached epidemic proportions.
19 May 2019

Best to think before you show your ink

Tattoos are more popular than ever, with one in five Australians with at least one tattoo.