03 September 2019

Why employers need to dump performance reviews

It's been described as all froth and no beer, worse than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick, and codswallop - the performance review, that annual workplace ritual hated by Australian workers.
01 September 2019

How a BFF can be a burden in the workplace

Famous saying states that most of us can count our best friends on one hand.
31 August 2019

Skills exodus threat to building revival

It is no surprise that when the big guns of WA housing industry meet the state of the market is the number one topic of conversation. Continue to read the coverage of the latest CEO Voice Series Luncheon here.
27 August 2019

Time to end use of 'ableist' language

It is an "ism" that many have never heard of even though it has become so culturally entrenched in our community that even those with good intentions are guilty of this form of discrimination.
25 August 2019

Fragrance allergies are a scent-sitive issue

Are you a scent-sitive worker who suffers from adverse reactions to your colleagues' overpowering perfumes, aftershaves and body lotions?
19 August 2019

Hover parents are invading the office

A surprise threat is challenging the airspace above an increasing number of workplaces around the country, leaving bosses to shake their heads in collective disbelief.
18 August 2019

Don't let tech bullies in the box seat

The idea of trashing colleagues through bullying is far from new, nor is it news that repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards an individual or group of employees creates a risk to workplace health and safety.
14 August 2019

Stop and think before posting about work - or face fallout

Cast your mind back to pre-social media days when the only platform available to bemoan unfair treatment in the workplace was an informal get-together with supportive colleagues around the water cooler.
11 August 2019

Closing the door on the open-plan office

Of all the workplace fads that have inspired grumbling, none has spawned more acrimony than the open-plan office.
21 July 2019

Taking a sickie might just make you feel sick

Have you ever taken a sickie - a day when you phone your boss to say you are unwell, despite being fit as a fiddle in both mind and body, to get a day off work?