06 May 2021

Pandemic restlessness gives boost to YOLO movement

If you have not come across the term YOLO, then you should take some time out to get up to speed because, as they say, "you only live once".
04 May 2021

Chiefs Push for Bold State Plan

WA's corporate captains have had their say, and the message for the Premier is to say goodbye to the COVID caution and go hard for economic opportunities.
01 May 2021

Use mandate to position West as best into the future

Premier Mark McGowan and his Government seized the opportunity presented by the deft handling of the COVID-19 crisis to secure a well-deserved landslide victory at last month's State election.
26 April 2021

Real reason they refuse to say why you didn't get the job

It is the most frustrating part of the job search. Rejected candidates want to know why they did not land a job yet employers do not want to tell them.
22 April 2021

Staying calm on that long commute may be all in the mind

With many having returned to work following the Easter school holidays, it will be tales about challenging commutes that have been likely to have dominated discussions around the office water cooler - unless, of course, you are one of the many who continues to work remotely.
15 February 2021

True focus of a family-friendly workplace lost in reality

Part-time roles, flexible work arrangements including four-day working weeks and opportunities to work remotely. Add to that reduced stress, no more overnight travel away from your loved ones, in-house childcare facilities and generous leave provisions.
04 February 2021

So it's a no to background noddies who want us to say yes

Peculiar phenomenon is on the rise, though many say it has been around for a long time - even if we are only now starting to realise. It is the "noddy", as you will be able to see on your TV screen tonight.
03 February 2021

Job juggling is the new employment balancing act for women

Hairdressers were asked to return to work for three days a week instead of five. Clothing store assistants found themselves with their weekly shifts sliced in half. Office staff were faced with their hours reduced from 30 a week to just 20.
09 January 2021

It is possible to find ways to beat the back-to-work blues

The merry season is behind us and excitement hangs in the air as we prepare to return to the world of commuting, conference calls and colleagues - in other words, work.
17 December 2020

Careful thought needed before choosing present to regift

As the end of an unprecedented year approaches, you are most likely putting finishing touches to your holiday gift list before heading to your shed or garage where your collection of unwanted gifts from family members, colleague, friends and clients is kept.