22 April 2018

Remove flammables to avoid staff burnout

It is an insidious and growing part of everyday work life and is happening in your workplace.
15 April 2018

Look in rear-vision mirror for blind spots

When driving, it is that spot just behind the shoulders that we often refer to as the blind spot. That very same concept has also been applied to those in management and leadership roles.
08 April 2018

High IQ, but lacking the necessary smarts

Every workplace has someone like this - super bright but unable to "gel" with the rest of the team.
01 April 2018

How to tell the boss they're doing it wrong

Let's face it: bosses are not perfect and sometimes they need to be told.
25 March 2018

Time to ditch the annual performance review

We have all been through it. It's that time of the year when an organisation runs its annual "stock take" of employee performance.
18 March 2018

Micro-management doesn't have to be dirty word

Gather a group of employees and ask them what they they think about micro-managers and the negative comments pour forth. But could this reputation be unfair, exaggerated, or even unfounded?
17 March 2018

WA on right track but rate rise could derail it

The consensus is building that WA is picking itself up, but if inflation leads to interest rate hikes we will be in unfamiliar and dangerous territory.
11 March 2018

Psychopaths in the workplace no bad dream

If inappropriate and poor behaviour goes unchecked in the workplace it provides a foundation for the wrong type of leadership.
08 March 2018

Why I won't be popping champagne corks on International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day today.
04 March 2018

Scare the ghost away from job applicants

Ghosting has crept into human resources departments and, according to some HR experts, is becoming more frequent.