01 July 2020

Buzzword bingo may be a pain point in new normal

If you have been a regular videoconference participant, there is a strong possibility you have heard of the latest game craze doing the rounds of our workplaces.
28 June 2020

I'll get back to you: procrastination the norm

As the COVID-19 lock-down shackles continue to be loosened and many head back to the office, bosses will encourage us to purge the procrastinating ways that at least some of us acquired through a prolonged stint of working from home.
24 June 2020

Ditch the stigma & embrace the jobless

There is a huge obstacle looming for the thousands of workers who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19.
17 June 2020

We can all benefit from ending the age-old era of deception

As thousands of Australians lose their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, an international study has shed a powerful and disturbing spotlight on the age at which we expect our employment opportunities to dry up.
14 June 2020

As we move forward, let's stop saying it

It is a completely unnecessary, largely overworked, exceptionally annoying and mostly meaningless expression that has shot to prominence during the Covid-19 era: "going forward".
12 June 2020

Couples' cabin fever threat as workplace reality hits home

As thousands of workers create makeshift officer bunkers in their lounge rooms to flatten the corona-virus curve , many couples find themselves wading into uncharted territory.
10 June 2020

Watch out for 'eggcorns' or else the yolk's going to be on you

As we think about navigating our way back to the "doggie-dog world" called the office, many of us are on "tenderhooks" as we get used to a post-virus normal. The reality is we will not be on "tenderhooks" - but on tenterhooks.
07 June 2020

Four-day week clouds workplace reset

With many of us ending a lengthy stint of WFH, attention has turned to the new order of our working lives in the post-COVID-19 world.
03 June 2020

Call centre reliance dials up a growing form of frustration

Just as the country crushes the COVID-19 curve, a new public health crisis is emerging that threatens to put the wind up even the calmest, most considerate and courteous among us.
21 May 2020

Suddenly, getting to the office has become complicated

As the Covid-19 lock-down eases and workers begin to make their way back into the office, a dilemma looms for many commuters: how to get safely to and from work.