20 April 2020

Couples' cabin fever threat looms as new workplace reality hits home

As thousands of workers create make-shift officer bunkers in their lounge rooms to flatten the corona virus curve, many couples find themselves wading into unchartered territory.
19 April 2020

There's hope for those who can reinvent

As thousands of people come to grips with the many challenges of working from home because of COVID-19, others are facing a crisis of the opposite kind: no longer having a job.
15 April 2020

Virus will change the way we work in open-plan offices

Open-plan offices have revolutionised the way we work.
12 April 2020

Beware the darker side of the Zoom boom

As quarantine and stay-at-home orders are rolled out across the country, one conferencing platform reigns supreme when it comes to all three of our work-play-learn lifestyles.
08 April 2020

Stock up on good etiquette for that supermarket mission

Shopping for groceries in this brave new world of COVID-19 can be exceptionally challenging - the everyday shopper faces a trolley full of logistical issues that stretches from a shortage of supplies to long queues.
02 April 2020

Rona-speak adds a new dictionary of terms to daily life

A surprise fallout from the global chaos of COVID-19 has been the need for Australians to master a new dictionary of informal terms and experssions.
30 March 2020

Post at your own peril

Parents regularly ask school leaders for advice on a range of matters, from managing a child's behaviour at home to supporting learning outside of school, and of course helping a child settle in to a new school.
18 March 2020

Some basic rules for working from home

Are you one of the growing number of office workers now operating out of a makeshift cubicle in your home theatre, dressed in tracksuit pants, hand sanitiser on standby and surrounded by a stockpile of toilet paper, packets of pasta and canned foods?
11 March 2020

Light-fingered operatives in the office may take heavy toll

More and more of your colleagues are developing fingers as sticky as a fly trap so you might be forgiven for thinking your office has become a den of thieves.
04 March 2020

Coffee shops are going cold on one-cup laptop warriors

We all know where to find a dog-friendly cafe. But what about a worker-friendly coffee shop?