The Institute supports a growing number of members and clients across all industries through a diverse array of leadership and management programs, consultancy, events and research activities, both here in Australia and offshore. Through necessity, some of what we do is confidential to individual clients, but we are able to share many resources and news items. We hope you find the information and resources available to you in this section of our website valuable.


AIM WA has access to the most contemporary thinking and research in leadership, management and learning. With the support of our members and partners we are able to provide access to a diverse range of free articles in this section.


A selection of AIM WA commentary in the media, including articles from key AIM WA events.

Research Reports

AIM WA conducts regular research with its members and clients in order to capture current views on topics of interest in the business community. Some of these surveys are undertaken in partnership with other organisations.

Media Releases

Learn more about your Institute through the latest news from AIM WA including press releases, new ventures and major product or service releases.


Leading local, national and international experts and business leaders have agreed to be filmed so their insights can be shared with a wider audience. Each of these short videos adds to the body of knowledge and offers some inspiration for us all.