19 March 2019

AIM WA Pulse Survey - Me Too

The high number of responses to the latest AIM WA Members Pulse Survey on the "Me Too" movement suggests it remains a topical issue. What is less clear is the impact on WA workplaces.
27 November 2018

AIM WA Pulse Survey - Working Hours

In a 24/7 world, where people are always connected, it is easy for expectations to grow that people are "at work" all the time. This AIM WA Pulse Survey on Working Hours flag that these could come at a significant cost to quality of life.
08 October 2018

AIM WA Pulse Survey - Mental Health

The second AIM WA Pulse Survey for 2018 challenges the belief that the private sector is less sympathetic and supportive of employees who disclose their mental health concerns than the public sector. However, this is not to suggest the private sector has nothing to worry about, as the overall results still highlight significant problems in every...
26 April 2018

AIM WA Pulse Survey - Productivity

The first AIM WA Pulse Survey for 2018 indicates there is huge underutilised capacity in Western Australian organisations. Regardless of which sector you are from, improving the quality of supervisors and enhancing your systems and processes could offer significant payoffs. So rather than looking for some innovative 'out of the box' thinking, it might be...
02 June 2016

Leadership at Work - Centre for Workplace Leadership

Fueled by the resources boom, the Australian economy has enjoyed an unprecedented 25 years of economic growth, more than doubling in real terms over that period. But now, the Australian economy is slowing. Productivity is sluggish, employment growth is weakening, and consumer confidence is faltering. Many economists are now predicting an...
09 February 2015

Training Transfer Research - A Manager's Guide and Bibliography

In organisational contexts, positive transfer of training is generally regarded as the paramount concern of training efforts - but it has proven to be a formidable challenge.
07 May 2014

Beyond Belief - The Management Reality of Generational Thinking

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has put the spotlight on the generation debate and found that many of the claims about Generation Y are simply beyond belief by releasing a research report entitled Beyond Belief: The Management Reality of Generational Thinking.
16 April 2014

Australian Management Capability Index 2014

The 2014 Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) Report.
07 April 2014

The Consequences of Personal Financial Organisation

AIM WA members participated in research late last year on the subject of Personal Financial Organisation conducted by Advocate Private Wealth. The research has shown that despite many business leaders being involved in, or responsible for, corporate and strategic planning, the rigour that applies to one's professional life may not always translate...
18 October 2013

Innovation: The New Imperative

In late 2012, more than 2,400 AIM members took part in a significant piece of national research about systematic innovation capability in organisations across Australia. The research has been conducted as a partnership between AIM and The University of Melbourne.