AMP 2023 participants

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Elevate your management skills with the Advanced Management Program

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AMP 2023 participants

Participants at the Advanced Management Program 2023

Explore outside your comfort zone with a learning program guiding the growth of your management career.

Spread across six days, AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) offers a development pathway designed to push professionals to seek a deeper understanding of leadership capabilities and management expertise.

A welcoming environment to challenge yourself

According to My Place Consumer Services Manager Russell Smith AIMM, the AMP provides a safe and comfortable environment in which to challenge and test your leadership thinking and styles with a cohort of leaders from various industries.

Mr Smith said the experience gave him a new sense of confidence and renewal, with its biggest benefit being the ability to engage with other business leaders.

“This program has refreshed and re-energised my confidence as a senior manager in my organisation.” 

“I’ve strengthened my commitment to broader human services, and I have now joined a couple of reference groups external to my organisation,” he said.

“Connecting with people from a range of various backgrounds gave individuals the opportunity to reflect on our own practices and industries compared to others against a backdrop of cutting-edge leadership theories and frameworks.”

For Pilbara Ports Authority Principal Engineer Svetlana Khaykina AIMM, the program created a welcoming space for people to feel secure.

“The interactive sessions with the Experience Lab showed that no matter the positions people held or their backgrounds and experiences, we reacted in a very similar way to being outside of the comfort zone,” she said.

“This put me and the other participants at ease to be ourselves and to feel safe to step outside of our comfort zone.”

Practical exercises and experiences for personal development

Throughout the program, participants access the best applied leadership and management models, frameworks and theories from the world’s most respected executive MBA programs.

The AMP challenges leaders thinking through interactive teaching, guided discussion, case study analysis, simulations and peer review.

According to Mr Smith, the activities foster collaboration and teamwork.

“Interactive sessions with the Experience Lab were good fun and a great way to be introduced to others in the group, to develop in our teams and to work together,” he said.

“The Farmers Activity was a complex task with several participants coming up with various strategies to solve the puzzle – it was interesting to witness everyone’s different personalities and styles come through.”

Ms Khaykina said the AMP provided insight into aspects of modern management.

“A big component of the course is learning the basis for the changing nature of people management and understanding the benefits of the new way of management around non-totalitarian, people-focused, positive reinforcement, transparency and utilising individual strengths of each member of a team,” she said, adding that certain AMP scenarios help to develop negotiations skills and detail valuable frameworks she can implement.

“It was great to learn about different types of negotiations and to put a framework around this.

“Negotiations don’t come naturally to me but being able to go over the knowns and unknowns after the exercise was quite eye-opening for me.

“What I have learnt during the AMP and the framework around some of the management techniques, strategies and values shape how I run my team.

“The validation the course gave me around creating a framework with the management concepts I understood intuitively was probably of the greatest benefit for me.”

Interactive teaching from professional experts

One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the opportunity for interactive conversations with industry leaders.

“The overall interactive learning experience was great,” Mr Smith said.

“A lovely and diverse bunch of facilitators delivered knowledge in their own special way.

“It was great to see the contrast between the various styles, with some being quite theatrical and others a little more conventional.”

According to Ms Khaykina, the guest speaker’s affability made the conversations memorable.

“The speakers were very relatable, practical and open,” she said.

“I especially appreciated the vulnerability that they showed to depict a point – some of their stories are deeply etched in my memory.”

Opportunities for all types of professionals

Suited to both people transitioning into the first tier of executive management and experienced specialists looking to broaden their leadership expertise, Mr Smith said the AMP was a worthwhile investment.

“The AMP is a very good investment for organisations wanting to bring the leadership cohort a bit closer together in terms of their decision-making and overall thinking,” he said.

Ms Khaykina said she would recommend the program to anyone in a management position.

Where to from here?

The Advanced Management Program is the trusted pathway for professionals and leaders wanting to take the next step in their careers. This six-day residential program challenges you to seek a deeper understanding of your leadership capabilities and management expertise, as you contribute to the senior levels of your organisations. 

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