The Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia (AIM WA) aspires to be an international leader in shaping management, leadership and organisational excellence in Australia and our region.
AIM WA is a private not-for-profit organisation committed to the development and performance improvement of its Personal and Corporate Members and its clients across the commercial, government, community and not-for-profit sectors.

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Developing an Eye 
For Accuracy

To enable you to get it right
first time, every time, this
program is proven to reduce
errors by 50-60%
11 - 12 June 2019


May, 2019
  • Are you contributing to managerial effectiveness?


    This program will improve your awareness of day-to-day managerial needs and develop your planning and organisational skills. You will also develop your skills at anticipating the needs of the manager or managerial team. With your understanding of these needs and your skills for thinking ahead, you will become a more valuable member of the team.


    Coordinated manager/assistant teams can be extraordinarily productive. The manager’s time is freed to tackle more strategic, longer term thinking, whilst the assistant has a more interesting job coordinating the tasks and activities of the work area.

  • This program is designed to improve and develop the management style and skills of new managers or others in line for management responsibilities. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the fundamentals of self-management and managing the performance of others. It covers a range of people management skills and introduces participants to practical tools and strategies. Additional to the core interpersonal skills, the program also covers managing performance, conflict and change.

    This premium program uses a blended learning approach which includes face-to-face sessions, access to our online learning platform and 12 months Professional Membership of AIM WA. Learn more at aimwa.com/blendedlearning
  • High performers have the same hours in the day, yet are doing something very different to achieve greater results. Your thinking impacts the behaviour and actions that leads to your results. So, changing your performance starts with your thoughts.
  • Everyone is confronted by their own emotions and those of other people on a daily basis. How we manage these emotions can have a dramatic impact on the way we are perceived by others and on our effectiveness at getting things done with and through other people. By increasing our knowledge and intelligence around emotions, we will be better equipped to sense and respond in the workplace and at home.

  • Building relationships and effective account management form the basis for successful sales strategy in an organisation. This program focuses on ways to build successful stakeholder engagements, close sales, retain business and increase referrals through the effective servicing and management of one-on-one relationships with clients. The interpersonal aspects of developing mutually beneficial relationships are covered with reference to relationship management models designed to maximise – Return on Relationship (ROR).


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