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Tuesday 4 December 2018
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11 - 13 December 2018

This program forms part of the
Learning Pathways for Current
and Emerging Leaders.


November, 2018
  • This program shows you how to create calculations across multiple worksheets and across multiple workbooks.

  • This program is designed to provide managers with the skills and knowledge to implement and cope with change in the workplace. Such skills are essential for every manager given the rapid pace of change and the need to influence the process toward organisational outcomes.
  • The breadth of business improvement methodologies available in today’s market can be confusing for businesses looking to improve. Which methodology should the business choose? Which will suit their current environment and goals? This program takes away the confusion of choosing by covering all the core business improvement methodologies.

    The program provides the fundamentals of Lean, Six Sigma and business process management.

    Participants will have the opportunity to undertake the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. This is through submission of an assignment after attending the program. Additional fees apply.

    This premium program uses a blended learning approach which includes face-to-face sessions, access to our online learning platform and 12 months Professional Membership of AIM WA. Learn more at aimwa.com/blendedlearning

  • This program is designed to provide an overview of the most fundamental aspects of Work Health and Safety (WHS) management.

    Successful organisations understand their responsibilities for the management of the safety and health of its employees and others in the workplace. They also understand that it is often the organisation’s managers, supervisors and team leaders who carry the day to day responsibility for safety and are instrumental in determining that safety outcomes are achieved. This program will assist managers, supervisors and team leaders to understand their responsibilities under our OHS laws and develop the skills needed to effectively manage safety in the workplace.
  • This program covers the essential planning, negotiation and set up of a contract. If these areas are done well, the likelihood of a successful, conflict free contract grows significantly. Participants will be given practical tools and techniques, using real contract examples, to maximise the learning and transfer of the knowledge to their own contracts.
  • This program introduces you to the most important features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to design, format and print spreadsheets, how to create charts and how to develop formulas and functions.
  • This program explores the skills required to create highly effective and engaging presentations and deliver them with confidence and style. The learning environment is comfortable, safe and fun with many opportunities to practice.

  • Agile project management is an approach that sees solutions evolve through collaboration over the life of the project. Rigorous and accountable milestones occur at key points along the way, whilst the final outcomes of the project unfold as learning occurs and budgets allow. Although originally used in software development or IT projects, it is now embraced across a wide range of disciplines. This program explores the benefits and application of the Agile approach in the workplace.

    Scrum is a popular and most widely used process framework or set of practices for agile development.

  • This program provides instruction in the more advanced use of Excel Macros. It will take participants beyond our Excel - Macros with VBA Programming, and introduces techniques for high-end Excel users to better utilise the power of Excel.

  • This program describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote effective teamwork. It involves developing team plans to meet expected outcomes, leading the work team and proactively working with the management of the organisation. This program examines strategies to ensure your team work effectively together to achieve a set of goals and objectives.
  • Everyone is confronted by their own emotions and those of other people on a daily basis. How we manage these emotions can have a dramatic impact on the way we are perceived by others and on our effectiveness at getting things done with and through other people. By increasing our knowledge and intelligence around emotions, we will be better equipped to sense and respond in the workplace and at home.

  • This program will assist managers, executives and board members from a non-financial background to develop their financial acumen.
  • Clerical errors occur because of the way our eyes and brain interpret information; your brain sees what it expects to see, not what’s really there. We teach people how to address these natural tendencies.

    For each employee, tens of thousands of dollars can be lost every year from the actual cost of errors, plus the additional costs of tracking down and fixing those errors.

    This new program enables you to read, check and transfer information accurately and quickly.
  • If you are new to project management, this program provides an introduction to the discipline and what is required to manage projects from a project team member’s perspective. The program will introduce the ten project management knowledge areas and the project lifecycle.

    Using a supporting case study you will work through the basic project management processes and discuss how these processes relate back to your own workplace experiences.
  • Every day at work we need to raise an issue, initiate change, make a request or respond to the demands of others. Each of these situations would benefit from having one or both parties being more skilful in the art of influencing and persuading. This program enhances your knowledge and skills, whether you are dealing with a colleague, customer or stakeholder.

  • This program shows you how to use Microsoft Word more effectively by introducing features such as tables, diagram options, picture formatting and mail merge.

  • Managing time effectively is about doing relevant things efficiently. Participants will be provided with tools, techniques and strategies that can be used back in the workplace to maximise the time they spend completing the tasks that matter most, whilst minimising time spent on tasks that don’t. Managers and non-managers will gain more control of their workload.

  • Meetings are an established part of organisational life, but that doesn’t mean they are done well. This program explores the essential aspects of preparing for and recording the outcomes of efficient and effective meetings.
  • This program focuses on Excel’s array formulas; extremely powerful formulas that can perform complex calculations on one or more series of data values. They are very useful in decision and financial modelling.


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