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Phil Haberland AFAIM
Learning and Development Specialist, AIM WA

Key Behaviours of Successful Teams

13 June 2018
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May, 2018
  • Stress has become such a major part of our lives to the point where it has reached epidemic proportions. It can determine the efficiency of both individuals and organisations. While stress is unavoidable, we can understand and harness its powerful energy to create the lifestyles we want for ourselves. This program teaches participants how to handle stress and use it positively; a valuable asset in today’s busy world. It also helps us to understand ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress.

  • For today’s marketplace, it’s not only what we offer, but how we deliver it that determines success.

    This program will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to ensure that products and services are delivered to standards agreed by the organisation and the customer. Using practical examples and case studies, this program will revitalise your approach to service.

  • Are you contributing to managerial effectiveness? This program will improve your awareness of day-to-day managerial needs and develop your planning and organisational skills. You will also develop your skills at anticipating the needs of the manager or managerial team. With your understanding of these needs and your skills for thinking ahead, you will become a more valuable member of the team.


    Coordinated manager/assistant teams can be extraordinarily productive. The manager’s time is freed to tackle more strategic, longer term thinking, whilst the assistant has a more interesting job coordinating the tasks and activities of the work area.

  • Scenario planning is a powerful approach used to explore volatility, uncertainty, complexity and develop plausible futures that map out such issues. Scenarios, in combination with the organisation's business idea, facilitates a strategic conversation that helps to determine a course of action and assists in resource allocation in complex and rapidly changing environments.

    The program is explored in the context of real organisational problems. Participants work in groups, focusing on a particular organisation of their choice. Through the implementation of scenario planning tools participants develop a number of scenarios that explore the key concerns in the scenario agenda.Implications for the organisation are drawn out and considered in the context of strategic change. The process results in new insights about potential strategic risks for the organisation.

    Special Early Bird Offer

    Book by 6 April 2018 to receive the early bird rate of $4000 plus GST.  Standard rates for this program are $4600 plus GST for Corporate/Professional Members and $5,200 plus GST for Non Members.

  • The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critical professional skill. This program will assist participants to plan, organise and structure their writing to achieve better results with written business communications. Through the practical application of writing and editing skills, participants will learn to write documents that are reader oriented and communicate clearly and effectively.

  • In rapidly changing times, careers are no longer ‘set in stone’. We need to be adaptable, acquire new skills and be ever present to opportunities as we pilot our own careers.
  • Microsoft Excel is the main tool for many people working with financial information and this program introduces the financial tools and formulas available in Excel.

  • This program outlines and reinforces the need for taking personal control over time and being responsible for the outcomes. You will develop the skills to recognise and balance your own and your teams time management to enhance performance and efficiency.


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Sick and at work a clear and present danger May 06 2018
Just like your computer malfunctions, the photocopier jams and the printer fails, employees "break down" or get sick and need time out of the workplace to undergo repair.
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Mental health warning signs for bosses Apr 29 2018
It is alarming. Experts believe about one in five Australians have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.
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