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Join us at AIMWA as
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Thursday 20 September 2018

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September, 2018
  • This program introduces you to the most important features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to design, format and print spreadsheets, how to create charts and how to develop formulas and functions.
  • This program provides specific auditing skills enabling participants to operate as a lead auditor for audits of management systems at all levels throughout an organisation.

  • If you are new to project management, this program provides an introduction to the discipline and what is required to manage projects from a project team member’s perspective. The program will introduce the ten project management knowledge areas and the project lifecycle.

    Using a supporting case study you will work through the basic project management processes and discuss how these processes relate back to your own workplace experiences.
  • Stakeholder engagement is integral to the success of all projects and major organisational change initiatives, regardless of the size of the project. Too often, relationships with stakeholders are managed in an informal or intuitive way. This casual approach to stakeholder engagement is one of the most common causes of project failure which could easily be prevented with better planning.
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are chasing your tail, stressed by the lack of time to do everything that is needed and that everyone wants a piece of you?
  • Every business needs to ‘sell’ in order to succeed, and not everyone understands how selling is a way of enabling the customer to achieve what they want. This program will introduce participants to the principles of selling in a way that removes the fears that new or non-salespeople have about being seen as high pressure or manipulative. Participants learn how selling is a customer focused, ‘solutions driven’ process as they increase their skill and comfort at selling their organisation’s products and services.

  • The increased pace of life in the workplace and at home is placing mounting pressure on workers. To thrive in this environment, it is important to recognise that identifying the real priorities in our work life requires altering attitudes and thinking patterns.

    This practical program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to face choosing and setting priorities head-on.

  • This program outlines and reinforces the need for taking personal control over time and being responsible for the outcomes. You will develop the skills to recognise and balance your own and your teams time management to enhance performance and efficiency.

  • Everyone is confronted by their own emotions and those of other people on a daily basis. How we manage these emotions can have a dramatic impact on the way we are perceived by others and on our effectiveness at getting things done with and through other people. By increasing our knowledge and intelligence around emotions, we will be better equipped to sense and respond in the workplace and at home.

  • The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critical professional skill. This program will assist participants to plan, organise and structure their writing to achieve better results with written business communications. Through the practical application of writing and editing skills, participants will learn to write documents that are reader oriented and communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Join other AIM WA Professional Members for a fast-paced and highly interactive multiple-mentoring event.
  • This program is an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, showing how to create professional looking images. It discusses the different uses of images and familiarises participants with the Photoshop environment and with raster and vector graphics.

  • Why would any boss encourage their staff to attend a program on managing up? The answer lies in the benefits that  accrue from having staff who consider their bosses needs and their preferred style of operating. Staff who know how to manage up, know what’s important to their supervisor, they know how to present information in a way that aligns with the managers way of operating and they know how not to waste their manager’s time. They also know how to manage the moods and emotions of the manager who is under pressure.

  • This program takes participants through the essential elements of being a leader in a workplace environment. In particular, it focuses on creating an understanding of the role of the leader in a modern organisation.

    Participants will also explore aspects of leadership that relate to leading teams and individuals, such as flexibility and the capacity to apply a range of leadership styles to suit each situation. This program not only builds awareness of this need but also begins the skill building process that helps create flexibility in leadership. Based around in-depth case studies, participants will be encouraged to identify leadership principles and how they can be applied in their work environment.


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