The Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia (AIM WA) aspires to be an international leader in shaping management, leadership and organisational excellence in Australia and our region.
AIM WA is a private not-for-profit organisation committed to the development and performance improvement of its Personal and Corporate Members and its clients across the commercial, government, community and not-for-profit sectors.


September, 2017
  • The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critical professional skill. This program will assist participants to plan, organise and structure their writing to achieve better results with written business communications. Through the practical application of writing and editing skills, participants will learn to write documents that are reader oriented and communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Everyone is confronted by their own emotions and those of other people on a daily basis. How we manage these emotions can have a dramatic impact on the way we are perceived by others and on our effectiveness at getting things done with and through other people. By increasing our knowledge and intelligence around emotions, we will be better equipped to sense and respond in the workplace and at home.

  • This program will assist managers, executives and board members from a non-financial background to develop their financial acumen.
  • Embracing change can be a challenge.  We get caught between the desire to be positive and supportive of new ideas or initiatives and the anxiety of an unknown future. But the modern workplace is a state of constant change so we need to develop skills, knowledge and mindsets that enable us to respond positively (and realistically) to the dynamic environment we all face. This program will help you frame the change environment, identify the emotions that will help and hinder your response to the change, equip you with the skills to respond and remind you of the core purpose of your role both now and into the future.
  • This package of services provides a comprehensive self-assessment, detailed personal development plan and one-on-one coaching to help you achieve your development goals. Individuals may be seeking to address particular weaknesses or to build on existing strengths to enhance their performance at work.
  • Join other AIM WA Professional Members for a fast-paced and highly interactive multiple-mentoring event.
  • If you are new to project management, this program provides an introduction to the discipline and what is required to manage projects from a project team member’s perspective. The program will introduce the ten project management knowledge areas and the project lifecycle.

    Using a supporting case study you will work through the basic project management processes and discuss how these processes relate back to your own workplace experiences. 

  • Every business needs to ‘sell’ in order to succeed, and not everyone understands how selling is a way of enabling the customer to achieve what they want. This program will introduce participants to the principles of selling in a way that removes the fears that new or non-salespeople have about being seen as high pressure or manipulative. Participants learn how selling is a customer focused, ‘solutions driven’ process as they increase their skill and comfort at selling their organisation’s products and services.

  • This program takes participants through the essential elements of being a leader in a workplace environment. In particular, it focuses on creating an understanding of the role of the leader in a modern organisation.

    Participants will also explore aspects of leadership that relate to leading teams and individuals, such as flexibility and the capacity to apply a range of leadership styles to suit each situation.

    This program not only builds awareness of this need but also begins the skill building process that helps create flexibility in leadership. Based around in-depth case studies, participants will be encouraged to identify leadership principles and how they can be applied in their work environment.


  • Australia's Leadership Excellence Awards - WA Winners Announced Aug 18 2017
  • Quotas to get women on board no simple fix Jul 22 2017
    The AIM WA WestBusiness CEO Voice boardroom lunch held on Thursday 20 July explored the quotas of women on boards.
  • Dr Daniel Goleman: Has Corporate Australia got some emotional growing up to do? Jun 08 2017
    On the 29th May 2017, a crowd of 800 leaders sat in Crown's Grand Ballroom and listened to one of the world's experts on Emotional Intelligence, Dr Daniel Goleman.
  • Clear Vision needed for Business to Commit Jun 06 2017
    The AIM WA WestBusiness CEO Voice boardroom lunch held on Thursday 1 June explored what business needs from the new government.
  • Pinnacles open for business May 22 2017
    The State's most prestigious business awards are now accepting entries for 2017.
  • AIM WA supports the not-for-profit community Mar 24 2017
    The Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA) has awarded scholarships to 51 organisations and three individuals for management and leadership development training valued over $100,000.
  • AIM WA WestBusiness 2016 Pinnacle Award Winners Announced Dec 05 2016
    On Wednesday, November 30, the AIM WA WestBusiness Pinnacle Award winners were announced at a Gala Dinner held at Crown Perth.
  • FMG's Power at Pinnacle of WA Business Dec 02 2016
    Fortescue Metals Group chief executive Nev Power was named the WA Business Leader of the Year at the 2016 AIM WA WestBusiness Pinnacle Awards Dinner held at Crown Perth on Wednesday, 30 November.
  • Long-Term Vision Key to Business in Downturn Nov 28 2016
    The AIM WA WestBusiness CEO Voice boardroom lunch held on Thursday 24 November explored Leadership in the Downturn.
  • Prepare to Make Tough Decisions on Aged Care Oct 31 2016
    The AIM WA WestBusiness CEO Voice boardroom lunch held on Thursday 27 October explored WA's aged care industry.
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