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AIM WA is a private not-for-profit organisation committed to the development and performance improvement of its Personal and Corporate Members and its clients across the commercial, government, community and not-for-profit sectors.

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Professional Development Sundowner - How Deep are Your Business Relationships

With Cath Sutherland FAIM on
25 June 2019. 

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Developing an Eye 
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To enable you to get it right
first time, every time, this
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errors by 50-60%
11 - 12 June 2019


June, 2019
  • This program assists you to efficiently create, modify and manage long documents and shows how to develop consistency of layout in complex Microsoft Word documents.

  • The increasing use of email in organisational life has not guaranteed its effectiveness as a means of communication. This program provides tips and tricks to be more efficient, effective and professional when communicating via email.
  • When contracts go wrong they can cost organisations an enormous amount in people, time, money and reputation.

    This program explores the legal framework and the most significant risks within a contract to help offset the exposure of the organisation to potential losses.
  • Join us for breakfast as Mario shares his personal leadership story.
  • A regular challenge for every supervisor and manager is having a difficult conversation with a direct report, peer, boss, supplier or customer. These conversations can arise in a variety of situations including performance management, discipline, personal issues, redundancy, interpersonal conflict and customer service. This program aims to give you the skills and confidence to tackle these conversations and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for all parties.

  • Clarity and confidence are often seen as the secrets to effective assertive communication. By developing skills to clearly express your views in a confident manner, you are more likely to be successful at getting your message across.

    By expressing a view in an assertive, rather than aggressive or submissive manner, the receiver is more likely to be receptive and open to the issues being expressed.
  • Supervisors who attend this popular and fundamental training program become much more effective and productive in their role. They also have fewer problems within their workplace because they are sensitive to what motivates their staff, are better at solving problems and have improved leadership skills.

    Effective introductory training enables supervisors to reach their optimum level of effectiveness faster than those who simply learn on-the-job or are ‘thrown in at the deep end’. This program explores the relationships between supervisor and worker. It shows group or team leaders the functions of effective groups or teams and how to weld together concerns of task, team and individual to achieve identified objectives.
  • In increasingly complex times, innovation and collaboration skills are becoming vital to all types of businesses; and both principles are essential in Design Thinking.

    Design thinking brings together what is desirable from a human-centred point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable within any organisation or sector. Design Thinking is a contemporary and innovative approach to devising strategy and managing change.

    This masterclass will lead you through the design thinking process and explore how human-centred design can help develop innovative solutions, through the use of creative tools to address the complex challenges faced by the public, private, co-operative and mutual, and not-for-profit sectors.

    The program is centred on an exclusive "ExperienceInnovation" simulation, which steps participants through the design thinking concepts and process. Together with current Harvard case studies, the Design Thinking masterclass invites participants to explore their own organisational challenges focusing on their “Burning Platforms” and accelerate innovation to cultivate effective solutions.

    The presenters on this program are the first in Western Australia to be accredited in this approach, having completed the prestigious “ExperienceInnovation” and IDEO methods of Design Thinking.
  • This program focuses on creating simple to complex charts to visually present business data.

  • In-house mentoring is increasingly seen as an important part of the mix for the development of staff within organisations. The role that can be played by senior staff, technical experts or trusted individuals to support the development, particularly that of younger staff, is very significant. This program introduces the key components of mentoring and the skills required of those who take up the mentoring role.

  • Senior managers frequently ask for ‘the Business Case’ to support any recommendation for change. This program spells out a step-by-step approach to preparing an internal business case to increase the chances of your initiative being successful. The program is applicable to all levels as it will add increased rigour to internal decision making processes.
  • Every business needs to ‘sell’ in order to succeed, and not everyone understands how selling is a way of enabling the customer to achieve what they want. This program will introduce participants to the principles of selling in a way that removes the fears that new or non-salespeople have about being seen as high pressure or manipulative. Participants learn how selling is a customer focused, ‘solutions driven’ process as they increase their skill and comfort at selling their organisation’s products and services.

  • This highly practical and interactive program will provide participants with a clear framework to prepare a successful strategic business plan and to tailor it to the needs of their organisation or business unit. The program examines the key strategic business areas that a successful plan must consider, plus take into account equally important issues such as core values, purpose and mission statements.
  • This program focuses on expanding your knowledge of Excel’s functions and understanding how to write well-structured formulas.

  • Successful business relies on successful relationships! Discover a simple roadmap to define who you are as a business and to demonstrate how you can develop the depth of your relationships with your customers and key stakeholders.
  • The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critical professional skill. This program will assist participants to plan, organise and structure their writing to achieve better results with written business communications. Through the practical application of writing and editing skills, participants will learn to write documents that are reader oriented and communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Credibility as contributing members of an organisation is established through the process of communication. Women who are advancing in their career often find they need to develop their skills in saying what they mean and meaning what they say. Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are the keys to effective negotiations and contribute to the reduction of stress in the workplace. Organisations will benefit from having employees who are able to communicate more openly and assertively.

  • Dealing with a distressed or emotional person on the phone can be difficult, especially as you cannot read their body language or assess their environment. This workshop is designed for those who would like to enhance their skills in dealing with distressed callers and handling calls sensitively.

    The workshop covers key concepts of crisis counselling for non-counsellors and provides a clear model for participants to follow, and from which to practise specific skills.

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     192 The Mental Wealth Series

  • This program introduces you to the most important features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to design, format and print spreadsheets, how to create charts and how to develop formulas and functions.
  • This program follows on from the Applied Project Management program for those wanting to gain the Diploma of Project Management. It covers the higher level skills required of project managers to manage the project governance, procurement, costs and people. Participants will be stretched beyond the role of team member to accepting responsibility for the project, its outcomes and ultimately, its success.
  • Do you deal with people face-to-face or by telephone? This program will improve your capacity to service customer and client needs in a professional and caring manner by using successful methods of communication and quality service.
  • This program describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote effective teamwork. It involves developing team plans to meet expected outcomes, leading the work team and proactively working with the management of the organisation. This program examines strategies to ensure your team work effectively together to achieve a set of goals and objectives.


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