The Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia (AIM WA) aspires to be an international leader in shaping management, leadership and organisational excellence in Australia and our region.
AIM WA is a private not-for-profit organisation committed to the development and performance improvement of its Personal and Corporate Members and its clients across the commercial, government, community and not-for-profit sectors.

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AIM WA Scholarships

2019 AIM WA Scholarships


AIM WA is proud to have offered the Annual
Scholarship Program for over 25 years.

Applications now open for Organisational
and Individual categories.

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Understand and influence
the people you lead.
11 - 13 December 2018

This program forms part of the
Learning Pathways for Current
and Emerging Leaders.


December, 2018
  • This program introduces you to the most important features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to design, format and print spreadsheets, how to create charts and how to develop formulas and functions.
  • Supervisors who attend this popular and fundamental training program become much more effective and productive in their role. They also have fewer problems within their workplace because they are sensitive to what motivates their staff, are better at solving problems and have improved leadership skills.

    Effective introductory training enables supervisors to reach their optimum level of effectiveness faster than those who simply learn on-the-job or are ‘thrown in at the deep end’. This program explores the relationships between supervisor and worker. It shows group or team leaders the functions of effective groups or teams and how to weld together concerns of task, team and individual to achieve identified objectives.
  • This program provides an overview of managing a project for those involved in low value, low risk projects. The content includes a conceptual understanding of the four phases of project management – initiation, development, implementation and finalisation.

    A practical activity provides an opportunity for participants to practice the concepts and language of project management.

    An understanding of the team skills vital to project success forms an integral part of the program.


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