Vocational Certificates and Diplomas


As administrators, business unit heads and other operational support roles, these qualifications will give you a significant workplace advantage.
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Project Management

Across every sector, skilled project managers who are delivering projects on time and on budget are a valuable resource for any organisation.
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Leadership & Management

Get recognised for your leadership and management expertise from essential frontline skills, through to effective team management and strategic leadership.
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Human Resources

Demonstrate your professional skills in this critical business area, whether you're in a support position such as administrator, coordinator, or payroll officer, or you're an HR manager.
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Work Health and Safety

If you provide leadership and guidance and have some responsibility for the health and safety output of others, or you're an OHS/WHS practitioner, here's how you can demonstrate your expertise.
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Auditing and Compliance

Responsible for the internal or external auditing of organisational management systems or represent a regulatory body? Show your professional knowledge with an AIM WA qualification or skill set.
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Contract Management

Whatever your role in contract delivery or oversight, show your valuable knowledge and understanding of contract management with a relevant qualification.
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