About Us

AIM WA Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025

Our Vision

We are a contemporary education leader shaping management, leadership, and workplace excellence, for the benefit of Australia and our neighbours.

Our Purpose

We build better workplaces through delivering high quality learning experiences, by celebrating and recognising excellence, and by influencing conversations that matter.

Our Guiding Principles

We connect with others with transparency, dignity and respect.

We embrace diversity and understand that harnessing difference is pivotal to our success.

We challenge the status quo and reimagine workplaces of the future.

We take responsibility for our decisions, actions and results.

We strive to support sustainable business practices that deliver value and quality to those we serve.

Our Strategic Objectives

Strategic Goal 1: Membership
Position our offer to establish AIM WA as a premier professional membership organisation.

Strategic Goal 2: Education and Training
Create effective and contemporary learning experiences through high quality facilitation, relevant content and enhanced use of technology.

Strategic Goal 3: Partnerships
Build mutually beneficial partnerships to strengthen our position and reach new market segments.

Strategic Goal 4: Business Development
Adopt new models of business development to meet the changing needs of workplaces.

Strategic Goal 5: Influence
Extend our reach as a key influencer in the areas of management, leadership, and workplace matters.

Strategic Goal 6: Asian Engagement
Pursue opportunities for Western Australians to develop the knowledge, mindset and capability to engage in an effective manner with Asia.

Strategic Goal 7: Business Agility
Diversify our business services using current and newly acquired expertise to meet existing and new workplace needs.

Strategic Goal 8: Physical Footprint
Explore options to expand our physical footprint and extend delivery of our services beyond our current reach.