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AIM WA International delivers globally recognised competency-based strategy, leadership and management training to public and private sector organisations worldwide.

We work with local companies overseas and multinationals to provide relevant, practical and immediately applicable training to improve performance for the individual, the team and the organisation.

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Popular in house international leadership programs

Delivered in-country or in Perth, WA

Many senior leaders attain their roles without the leadership skills required to lead effectively and grow the next line of leaders.

The High Performers Leadership Development Program (HPLDP) is an intensive program for executives in the fast-track talent pool to become senior leaders in the next 4 – 6 years.

This intensive program is delivered across three modules - Leadership in Strategic Context, High Performance Leadership in Others and Self-Leadership Attributes and Behaviours.

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Delivered in Perth, WA

The Leadership and Decision Quality in a Dynamic Environment (LDQ) program uses an organisation-simulation approach.

It is designed specifically for senior leaders tackling four particular acumen: Business, Leadership, Learning and Decision Quality.

Highly interactive, challenging and action-focused, the LDQ builds effective leadership qualities and strategic and business decision making in times of disruption and change. This is achieved through vision, surfacing objectives, reinforcing values alignment and effective resource allocation.

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Delivered in-country or in Perth, WA

The Global Student Leadership Program (GSLP) is an intensive capstone program designed specifically for graduating undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The program helps to differentiate students by equipping them with integrated, practical and immediately applicable workplace skills.

Participants learn new skills, develop confidence and gain insights into what it takes to perform and increase their value and appeal to prospective employers.

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Delivered in-country or in Perth, WA

AIM WA International designs and delivers fully-tailored strategy and senior leadership programs at senior leadership and C-suite levels in Asia.

These programs integrate the organisation's strategies, vision, values, core and leadership competencies.

A rigorous collaborative model with the client, ensures the design of a truly relevant program that reinforces the organisation's key focus areas and strategic direction.

Customised International Solutions

AIM WA leverages over 65 years of expertise delivering measurable performance improvement and capacity building.

Organisations we work with range from some of the world’s biggest and best companies, to small and medium organisations in a rapid stage of growth.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our international clients as effectively as possible, on time and within budget. We discuss your requirements with you to ensure we can tailor our offerings to the specific circumstances of your company, your team and your market.

For a comprehensive list of programs that can be customised and delivered internationally, see our 2024 Training Course Guide.


Signature public programs in Perth, WA

Senior Executive Forum with Harvard Business School Faculty

Held annually in Perth, Western Australia, the Senior Executive Forum (SEF) is Australia’s most respected and enduring development experience for senior leaders.

Using stimulating and contemporary content, two of the world's most distinguished and gifted facilitators from Harvard Business School lead participants through a series of case studies and apply the learnings to their own organisations. 

The Forum provides local, national and international participants with a world-class learning experience.

Executives who benefit the most from this experience are C-suite executives, or those with the potential to rise to an organisation's highest levels. The opportunity to interact with peers as part of the formal program and during the breaks provides a rich and valuable dimension to the Forum. 

Advanced Management Program

AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) has been a trusted pathway for professionals and leaders wanting to take the next step in their careers into senior leadership.

It challenges participants to seek a deeper understanding of their leadership capabilities and management expertise.

The program allows participants to shift from being ‘in the job’ to ‘across the job’, with broader organisational mindset and a greater strategic perspective.

Spread over six days, this fully residential program offers deep insight into the knowledge and skills required to lead an organisation in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Participants are encouraged to challenge their organisational strategy and operations perspectives, augmented by insights into their individual leadership values and capabilities

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Transition to General Management

This course provides five days on strategy, leadership and change aimed at guiding technical professionals through the transition to a general management role.

The approach and facilitation style creates the ideal learning environment for exploring topics that matter to managers in those roles.

Topics are interwoven through the course in such a way as to encourage you to think beyond the day to day obligations of your role.

At the same time, there is an expectation that you will be focused on how you can turn ideas into strategy to make positive improvements back in your organisation.

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Virtual Courses

Our video conferencing platform enables you to engage in plenary discussions, small group work and ask questions during the live, interactive sessions.

Convenient, insightful, engaging - you may have opportunities to learn with other international participants with different perspectives, diverse cultures, and problem-solving approaches and opportunities.

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