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Academic rigour and practical performance combine across strategy, negotiation, commercialisation and other critical leadership skills for senior executives.
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Advanced Management Program

On this intensive six-day residential program, you will access the best applied leadership and management models, frameworks and theories from the world’s most respected executive MBA programs.

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"Really enjoyed the program, I feel like it added a lot to my knowledge and is useful for my role."

Michelle Atkinson
My Place WA Ltd.

Advanced Dispute Resolution

Next available date
2 days - 25 November, 2024

Disputes can be small or large, simple or complex. This program harnesses the learnings from current neuro-psychological research into the minds of people in dispute and provides a framework that allows us to attempt to decode the conflict behaviours generating and perpetuating the dispute.

Advanced Management Program

Next available date
6 days - 08 September, 2024

On this intensive six-day residential program, you will access the best applied leadership and management models, frameworks and theories from the world’s most respected executive MBA programs.

Advanced Negotiation in Practice

This distinctive program offers you insights into how negotiations work in practice and – through personal coaching – uncover ways to enhance your own negotiating skills. The focus of the program throughout is on helping you to identify what you can do differently to improve your skill at work-related negotiations.

Creating, Leading and Growing High Performance Environments

Next available date
5 days - 02 December, 2024

This program is based on world’s best practice in developing high performance teams and working environments. The principles that underpin this program have been delivered to leaders and organisations in over thirty countries. Participants can expect to deepen their creative, analytical, practical, and emotional abilities.

Design Thinking

Next available date
Starts on 05 September, 2024

This masterclass will lead you through the design thinking process and explore how human-centred design can help develop innovative solutions, through the use of creative tools to address the complex challenges faced by all sectors.

FLOW in Business

Next available date
1 day - 05 November, 2024

In this program, highly respected workplace FLOW expert Cameron Norsworthy will show you how to help people take responsibility for their own self-management, and deliver a playbook for sustainable health and performance. You’ll learn practical solutions to help your team turn up each day as the best version of themselves.

Future of Energy

Next available date
5 days - 29 July, 2024

The energy landscape is changing dramatically, and organisations are called on to adapt to these changes. This program will address the current and future state of the energy industry both in Australia and globally, focusing on upcoming projects, market drivers, issues and challenges. 

Influential Leadership

Next available date
2 days - 11 November, 2024

Based on extensive and rigorous research in leadership development, this transformational program helps you discover what makes you a leader. You'll focus on your core beliefs about leadership, your capability as a leader and how to translate these into deeper, stronger and more influential relationships with other people. 
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Elevate Program – Drive Your Leadership Further

Next available date
2 days - 24 October, 2024

This Executive Education program will rejuvenate your knowledge and skills by providing an update on current literature, methodologies and the practical application of cutting-edge thinking.

Scenario Planning and Strategic Foresight

Next available date
5 days - 22 July, 2024

Scenario Planning and Strategic Foresight is a highly experiential five-day program focusing on the skills of effective scenario planning.

Strategic Development Program for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Next available date
Starts on 08 October, 2024

The Strategic Development Program for Not-for-Profit Organisations (SDP-4-NFP) focuses on how organisations can configure their business models and shape corporate strategy to address the challenges of what is a dynamic and more uncertain environment. It applies theory and industry best practice to your organisational realities.

Strategy: From Principles to Practice

Next available date
2 days - 04 July, 2024

This experiential strategy program is targeted at leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors who want to enhance their strategic thinking skills and business problem solving abilities.

Sustainability Reporting Fundamentals

Next available date
3 days - 21 October, 2024

Mandatory sustainability, or ESG, reporting is a growing global and Australian trend. While some organisations have been engaging in sustainability reporting for decades, others are now beginning their journey.  This program provides a practical and holistic perspective on how to begin or improve your sustainability reporting processes and strategy.

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program

Next available date
3 days - 24 July, 2024

This comprehensive program focuses on the sustainability, performance, and resilience of co-operative and mutual organisations. It allows for a deep dive into the individual issues and opportunities that you and your organisation face.

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As leaders how do we effectively collaborate to bring about change in an era when the nature of work itself is changing? What do executives need to consider in this new environment? How do leaders navigate and interpret an ambiguous landscape to formulate effective strategies?  

Throughout this immersive residential program, you will engage in the famous Harvard Business School case study model to explore scenarios and apply the learnings back into your own organisation.

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