Virtual Courses

Learn faster with our virtual courses

Explore our new range of innovative virtual courses. Each course comprises either five or six 90-minute sessions spread over five weeks.

Designed for today's busy learners to simplify complex subjects so you can learn faster!

Choose from the following express learning courses:

Selected face-to-face courses are also delivered in a virtual environment. You get the same course content, the same facilitator and the same duration as the face-to-face course. These courses are indicated by "Virtual" next to the date on each of the courses below:

What are the advantages of taking online courses?

  • Virtual course delivery methods are interactive and engaging
  • Our video conferencing platform enables you to engage in plenary discussions, small group work and ask questions during the live, interactive sessions.
  • Study in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you want!
  • Convenient - no need to travel for training
  • Courses fit around your life, family and work commitments
  • More relaxed than a traditional classroom setting

What do I need to access the virtual classroom?

  • A computer or laptop and reliable internet access
  • A webcam to provide you with the closest opportunity for a face-to-face experience 
  • A quiet space to work (headphones are a helpful option)

Do I need a microphone?

  • A microphone will allow you to connect to the classroom using just your internet connection
  • There is a Perth-based phone number that will allow you to dial in from your phone
  • We recommend either a headset or speakerphone so that you can comfortably interact throughout the course.

Will the session be recorded?

  • We try to keep the sessions interactive and do not normally record sessions. If we decide to record the session, we’ll get your permission first.

Will I get a set of course notes?

  • Yes, we’ll provide an electronic copy of the notes.