Virtual Courses

Learn faster with our virtual courses

Explore our new range of innovative express learning virtual courses. Each online course comprises either five or six 90-minute live, interactive sessions spread over five weeks.

The courses are designed for today's busy learners to simplify complex subjects - so you can learn faster!

Choose from the following:

Express learning courses (five or six 90 minute sessions)

Short courses (durations range from one to three days)

Selected face-to-face courses are also delivered in a virtual environment. You get the same course content, the same facilitator and the same duration as the face-to-face course. These courses are indicated by "Virtual" next to the date on each of the pages for the courses below:

Getting the most out of the online learning environment

Immerse yourself in interactive virtual classrooms where you actively participate, collaborate and have your questions answered in real time through our dynamic video conferencing platform.

Experience the ultimate freedom of studying from the cozy comfort of your own home or any preferred location. No more tedious travel requirements! Online courses seamlessly adapt to your busy life, empowering you to balance your personal commitments while diving deep into captivating learning experiences. Say goodbye to rigid classroom settings and embrace the excitement of personalised and engaging online education.

To dive into this exciting learning experience, you'll need a trusty computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection to stay connected, a webcam for face-to-face interactions and a quiet space to concentrate (headphones are recommended).

In terms of audio, a microphone will enable you to seamlessly connect to the virtual classroom using just your internet connection. Alternatively, you can dial in via a Perth-based phone number, ensuring flexibility in joining the sessions. For comfortable participation throughout the course, we recommend using a headset or speakerphone to facilitate clear communication.

As for session recordings, please note that the sessions are live and interactive and are therefore not recorded. However, rest assured that we will provide an electronic copy of the course notes, allowing you to review and refer back to the material as needed.

While we value the enthusiasm of attending as a group, please be aware that the courses are designed for individual attendees and are not suitable for group participation. If you have multiple individuals interested in attending together, we encourage you to contact us. We will gladly explore possible options and discuss alternatives to accommodate your needs.

Get ready to seize the opportunities that online courses offer and embark on a transformative learning experience tailored to your individual journey.