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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation

The Institute wishes to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples excel in organisations all over Australia. To that end, AIM WA would like to play its part in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to support their endeavours to improve employment outcomes, to grow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, and to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to reach their full potential in boardrooms and in senior leadership positions.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

AIM WA’s resolve to deliver an impactful Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) comes from the highest levels of governance within the organisation. Both the Institute’s board and senior executive team are committed to supporting the national reconciliation movement, and formalising AIM WA’s commitment to advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and reconciliation in Australia.

Our activities

Katitjin Centre

The newest of the Institute’s three buildings is named the Katitjin Centre, drawing on a Nyoongar word that means “place of learning”. This facility, completed in 2011, was awarded the highest green star rating possible. It contains nine leading-edge training rooms, multiple syndicate rooms, lounge and breakout areas and its networking and meeting facilities, making it an ideal place to learn.


The Institute displays Aboriginal art in two of its three buildings, the Katitjin Centre and the Management Centre.


AIM WA offers an annual scholarship to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participant to attend AIM WA training courses. The value of this scholarship is $4000. In addition, 2 annual Professional memberships are provided as scholarships.

Aboriginal Leadership Courses

AIM WA delivers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership courses to both the public and private sectors.

Welcome to Country

AIM WA performs an Acknowledgement of Country at the commencement of every event and program. For flagship events, such as the AIM WA Pinnacle Awards, a Welcome to Country is performed by someone from the Nyoongar community

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