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Future of Energy

The energy landscape is changing dramatically, and organisations are called on to adapt to these changes. This program will address the current and future state of the energy industry both in Australia and globally, focusing on upcoming projects, market drivers, issues and challenges.

New program!

5 Days



As we navigate the challenges of climate change and strive for a sustainable future, this 5 day program will provide participants with an opportunity to deep dive into relevant topics and how organisations can positively impact the need for change.  Topics include:

  • Energy transition
  • Environmental, Social and Governance
  • Access to capital
  • Investor activism
  • Decarbonisation
  • Options and pathways
  • Technology responses
  • Issues and challenges
  • Renewables
  • Current projects and future plans
  • Solar, wind, hydrogen, batteries, hybrids
  • Market drivers
  • Costs and economics.

Download the 2023 Future of Energy Brochure here

Who will benefit

The program will benefit executives and senior managers currently working in energy, resources and related industries, as well as those interested in policy development, social licence, community engagement and investor relations.


Learning Outcomes

Why attend:

  • Understand current issues in the global and domestic energy industry
  • Learn how environmental, social and governance issues are impacting energy companies, their boards and their investors
  • Address current challenges in decarbonisation, industry response and impact of policy
  • Understand developments in renewables, technology, economic and environmental drivers and impact for Australia.

Alignment with UWA's MBA Flexible Program

This program aligns with UWA’s flexible MBA program, with an optional assessable component in this program. Participants who qualify to access this articulation pathway, and who successfully complete the program and pass the assessments, will receive credit (to the value of one optional unit) towards their UWA MBA Flexible degree.

Special rate for UWA MBA Flexible students: $4400 GST inclusive

About the Facilitator

Jeanette Roberts

Jeanette Roberts has more than 40 years’ international experience in the energy industry working with operators, FEED specialists and EPC contractors.  She is Director of Jeanette Roberts Consulting, where she provides strategic and management consulting services to a broad range of stakeholders including operators, EPCs, consultants, State and Federal Governments and academic institutions.

Jeanette’s initial experience was with Esso Australia in Bass Strait, where she provided engineering support to the second generation developments.  She has since worked on projects all over the world, including Africa, Europe, UK, FSU and Asia.  She lived in South Africa during the first democratic elections and hired her company’s first black graduate.

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