Having Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations with a direct report, peer, boss, supplier or customer can arise in a variety of situations. Attend this course and learn how to prepare for these challenges and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for everyone involved. The course runs in Bunbury on November 9.


1 Day



We all face difficult conversations at some stage in our lives. These conversations can arise in a variety of situations including performance management, discipline, personal issues, redundancy, interpersonal conflict and customer service. This course will give you the skills and confidence to tackle these conversations and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for all parties.

Who Will Benefit

Supervisors, managers and team leaders who are required to resolve difficult situations by speaking directly with their colleagues, suppliers or customers. The program will also be applicable to people who do not have direct supervisory responsibilities but who need to confront interpersonal issues in the workplace.


  • Identifying the three critical elements of difficult conversations
  • Our reactions under stress
  • Understanding others’ point of view
  • Signs that a conversation is starting to become a ‘difficult’ conversation
  • Identifying facts versus stories
  • Managing your own emotions
  • Active listening and effective questioning techniques
  • Tips for starting a difficult conversation well.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Approach difficult conversations with more confidence
  • Identify their personal signs of stress and use techniques to maintain calm during difficult conversations
  • Demonstrate focus on a ‘win-win’ attitude when dealing with sensitive issues
  • Confront difficult issues directly while maintaining relationships
  • Demonstrate empathy through active listening and effective questioning skills
  • Use techniques for building rapport.

This program is also delivered via a virtual classroom and is indicated under DATES by this symbol


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