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This range of courses covers all the essentials, whether you’re managing a small team, leading a large organisation, or simply want to understand yourself better as a leader.
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Transition to General Management

This program has been designed for individuals in mid to senior level management roles who aspire towards an executive level position. The approach and facilitation style of the program is tailored to create the ideal learning environment for exploring the topics that matter most to managers in those roles.

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Nathan Halfpenny
Mine Manager

Change Management

Next available date
2 days - 25 November, 2024

Change is a constant in today's organisations. This change management course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement and navigate change at the individual, group and organisational levels. 

Coaching Skills for Line Managers and Supervisors

Next available date
1 day - 08 October, 2024

Managers must play an active role in identifying and responding to specific opportunities to improve the performance of their employees. This course will help you to develop the coaching skills to support and sustain improved performance in others.

Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills

Next available date
1 day - 30 October, 2024

The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for survival in today’s world. This course will give you some practical tools and hands-on experience with critical thinking and problem solving.

Effective People Management

Next available date
2 days - 22 August, 2024

Learning how to manage people effectively is crucial in optimising your performance as a professional. This people management skills training course will give you the tools to manage staff efficiently and effectively and nurture your growth to become a better leader and manager in your field. The course runs in Perth, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie. 

Engage Your Team Through Storytelling

Next available date
1 day - 11 October, 2024

Leaders have been using stories since the beginning of recorded history. Tribal leaders have used stories to gain loyalty and legitimise their reign; Elders have used stories to hand down their histories; Military leaders have used stories to reduce fear and boost morale. 

Governance for NFP Board Directors and Officers

Next available date
Starts on 02 August, 2024

At last, an easy to access, affordable snapshot of the key roles and responsibilities of Directors and senior officers in Not-for-Profits, Co-operatives, Charities and Civic organisations. 

Leadership Development - Leading Others

Next available date
3 days - 18 March, 2025

To increase your leadership abilities, you must learn how to influence the people you lead. This course helps you understand how you are perceived by your team, how to impact those perceptions and leverage your strengths to foster a more positive work environment.

Leadership Development - Leading Self

Next available date
3 days - 20 August, 2024

You need to understand yourself as a leader before you can understand or lead others. This program draws on world-wide leadership research and focuses on the practical application of leadership skills and principles.

Leadership for Introverts

Next available date
2 days - 02 September, 2024

Being an introvert need not be a hindrance to achieving success as a leader. Explore the essential characteristics of a leader and learn how you can build on your unique strengths and build your confidence as a leader within your workplace. The course may also assist those who provide support, coaching or mentoring to others who aspire to a leadership role.

Leading in a Time of Extreme Disruption

This course will give you the opportunity to take stock of your current skill set against what will be required to meet tomorrow’s leadership challenges. The good news? Many leaders – and organisations - aren’t ready to meet these challenges. You can use the key points from the course to help your organisation meet or even get ahead of the needs of a fast transforming work environment.

Leading Without a Title

Next available date
1 day - 07 October, 2024

This course will examine the leadership mindset and give you the confidence to step forward and take responsibility for existing and new challenges.

Managing People Who Don't Work for You

Next available date
2 days - 29 October, 2024

Organisations often require knowledge and skills of specialists who don't work directly for them, and the workings of this relationship can have a big impact on the outcomes achieved. Learn a range of skills on how to engage stakeholders and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Mentoring Skills

Next available date
1 day - 09 August, 2024

Staff at all levels have the potential to play significant roles in supporting the growth of their colleagues. This practical mentoring course serves as an introduction to the key components of mentoring and the skills required of those who take up the mentoring role.

Mindsets for High Performance

Next available date
2 days - 01 October, 2024

Delivered in partnership with The Pacific Institute®, this globally renowned course is designed to cultivate mindsets that increase thinking flexibility, facilitate change and drive high performance. Over 6.5 million people across 60 countries have benefitted from this course.

Net Zero Emissions - Getting Started

Next available date
Starts on 05 September, 2024

The course is aimed at medium sized organisations, and individuals within those organisations, who have realised that they need to start looking seriously at their carbon footprint. The content will help you understand where you are now, so that you can set realistic and sustainable targets and plans to contribute to the worldwide movement towards Net Zero.

The Frontline Leader

Next available date
5 days - 29 July, 2024

The Frontline Leader program is the essential development experience for managers, supervisors, team leaders and frontline managers. The program combines exposure to contemporary business and management practices with a stimulating learning environment and practical workplace application.
This course runs in Perth and Bunbury.

The New Manager

Next available date
3 days - 27 August, 2024

Learning how to be a good manager is critical for individuals who are new to leadership positions. This course is designed to help all emerging leaders, especially new managers or team leaders, to improve and develop their management skills and optimise their performance. This course runs in Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie.

Think Smart

Next available date
2 days - 10 October, 2024

Learn to function at your best with insights from the latest research and brain science into personal productivity and decision making. This course will explore a range of different techniques to give you a new toolkit of skills.

Transition to General Management

Next available date
5 days - 09 September, 2024

This program has been designed for individuals in mid to senior level management roles who aspire towards an executive level position. The approach and facilitation style of the program is tailored to create the ideal learning environment for exploring the topics that matter most to managers in those roles.

Women in Leadership - What Women Can Do

Next available date
Starts on 02 August, 2024

The Women in Leadership program is aimed at demonstrating high performance in the workplace, career planning and managing the multifaceted roles of women. Enhance your personal growth and interpersonal influence by refining your communication style, mastering conflict resolution and stress management techniques, and setting personal and professional goals.

Managing Your Mates and Friends at Work

Next available date
1 day - 05 August, 2024

This practical, relevant one-day course is designed to support individuals transitioning from team member to team leadership roles.


Next available date
Starts on 01 October, 2024

The mini MBA course provides the opportunity to develop a comprehensive business skill set in a targeted, efficient, and practical setting. Complete in just five weeks through 90-minute online sessions, one day per week.

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Explore Leadership and Management Qualifications

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working as developing and emerging leaders and managers in a range of enterprise and industry contexts. As well as assuming responsibility for their own performance, individuals at this level provide leadership, guidance and support to others. They also have some responsibility for organising and monitoring the output of their team.


This qualification recognises leaders who are involved in the effective management of individuals and teams to achieve desired outcomes. Participants who obtain this qualification will have a thorough understanding of the planning, organising, implementing and monitoring of their own workload, and the workload of others.


This qualification addresses the strategic level leadership and management competencies required by those who have responsibilities for contributing to and implementing those activities which are directly linked to the strategic intent of an organisation.

Participants who enrol in this qualification typically use a broad range of cognitive, communication and interpersonal skills to analyse and respond to complex problems. Of equal importance is the ability to think creatively to bring innovative ideas to meet the changing needs of the customer.

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