Leadership for Introverts

Being an introvert need not be a hindrance to achieving success as a leader. Explore the essential characteristics of a leader and learn how you can build on your unique strengths and build your confidence as a leader within your workplace. The course may also assist those who provide support, coaching or mentoring to others who aspire to a leadership role.


2 Days



Being an extrovert is seen by some as the essential default behaviour to demonstrate leadership credentials. This is a myth as there are many high profile examples of introverts who have achieved great success and high performance as leaders. This course will provide insight into how introverts can use their unique strengths to connect and engage with their staff and drive performance.


Who Will Benefit

Current and aspiring leaders who describe themselves as having a predominately introverted personality. The course will also assist those who provide support, coaching or mentoring to others who aspire to a leadership role.


  • Defining the essential characteristics of a leader
  • Why leaders are so often seen as extroverts
  • Examples of inspiring, introverted leaders
  • Using and adapting introverted behaviours
  • When stepping up and stepping out may be necessary
  • Building strong relationships with others inside and outside the organisation
  • Using quiet leadership effectively
  • Supporting other emerging leaders
  • Responding to the request to be more extroverted.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Build on their strengths as a leader
  • Adapt their style to suit the situation
  • Respond to pressure from others to be more out-going
  • Build their confidence as an authentic leader.
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