Women in Leadership - What Women Can Do

The Women in Leadership program is aimed at demonstrating high performance in the workplace, career planning and managing the multifaceted roles of women.


1 full day
+ 2 half days
+ 1 full day
(over a 4 week period)


Intake 1:
June 9 (9:00-4:30)
June 16 & 23 (9:00-12:00)
June 30 (9:00-4:30)

Intake 2:
August 9 (9:00-4:30)
August 16 & 23 (9:00-12:00)
August 30 (9:00-4:30)

Intake 3:
Nov 1 (9:00-4:30)
Nov 8 & 15 (9:00-12:00)
Nov 22 (9:00-4:30)




The Committee for Perth Filling the Pool research identified specific actions that could be taken by Governments, organisations and women to increase the participation and rates of progression of female leaders in decision making and influencing roles to address the current imbalance.

The increasing number of women in frontline, mid-level and senior leadership roles has highlighted the unique talents and expertise women bring to these roles. Harnessing this talent and expertise through a focused professional development experience is the purpose of this program. 

You will be guided through contemporary ideas on leadership, career planning, negotiation and management. You will also develop a greater understanding of yourself and your impact on others. You will learn how to overcome barriers that can exist in the workplace that may hinder your professional growth.


Who Will Benefit

This program provides a unique learning environment for women from all industries who currently hold, or aspire to positions of leadership and influence. The program will assist their professional growth and development and will help them on their ascent to the top of their profession.


  • Snapshot of the Committee for Perth Filling the Pool research
  • Balance of life/career planning
  • Setting personal and professional goals
  • Stress management
  • Managing gender differences
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Motivation
  • Coaching, mentoring and benefits of effective coaching
  • How to find and be a good mentor
  • Managing in a turbulent environment
  • Analysis of your leadership philosophy
  • The issues of values and ethics in leaders and business
  • Effective communication and styles
  • Characteristics of assertive communication
  • Difficult people and situations
  • Persuasion, influencing and personal power.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Be in a position to take charge of their future
  • Understand how to benefit from coaching and mentoring
  • Develop transactional and transformational leadership practices
  • Be able to use specific skills to build group cohesion and improve communication
  • Have a range of change strategies to implement and overcome blocks in the workplace. 

Optional/Additional Coaching Package:

(3 x 1 hour) 

$900 Non Member
$800 Corporate / Professional Member

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