Effective People Management

Learning how to manage people effectively is crucial in optimising your performance as a professional. This people management skills training course will give you the tools to manage staff efficiently and effectively and nurture your growth to become a better leader and manager in your field.
The course runs in Geraldton on August 28-29 and Kalgoorlie on 9-10 November.


2 Days



People management skills are an essential element to getting the best from your team. This course is designed to enhance your people management skills by developing the personal insights necessary to lead, manage and interact with your colleagues effectively and productively.

You will have the opportunity to identify and practice the key skills of communication, motivation, delegation and problem solving so that you can learn to maximise your own potential and that of your staff.

Over two days this people management course will equip you with essential interpersonal skills to successfully manage your team. You will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental management and leadership process. This course offered in Perth will give you the skills needed to solve problems and negotiate conflicts. Throughout the course, you will also learn how to assess performance and counsel employees to encourage a culture of performance improvement.

Who will benefit

Managers, team leaders, project managers and anyone wanting to improve their interpersonal relationships and get the best from their team members. The content and skills are also relevant to experienced supervisors and to those who are relatively new to a leadership position but haven’t received leadership training.


  • Developing relationships
  • Communication – giving instructions, orders, requests, and suggestions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding what motivation is, and is not
  • Orientation, on-boarding, and providing performance feedback
  • Delegating effectively
  • Steps for a difficult conversation
  • Managing diversity
  • Developing teams.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the Effective People Management course, participants should be able to:

  • Adopt an effective communication style
  • Work through issues with their team in a manner that is motivating, and enhances performance
  • Manage conflict constructively
  • Delegate effectively
  • Assess team member performance and hold them accountable for their performance.

This program is also delivered via a virtual classroom and is indicated by "Virtual" next to the date.

What past course attendees say:

"The facilitator's engagement style and content delivery was excellent! I really enjoyed the course."
"This course has motivated me to work hard to create some more change within my organisation."
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