Coaching Skills for Line Managers and Supervisors

Managers must play an active role in identifying and responding to specific opportunities to improve the performance of their employees. This course will help you to develop the coaching skills to support and sustain improved performance in others.


1 Day

Time (AWST)


Performance in any organisation results from the individual achievements of its people. There are key qualities and skills seen in successful coaches and ways to provide advanced coaching to individuals and groups.

This course will help you develop the coaching skills to support and sustain improved performance in others.

Who will benefit

Managers, specialist staff and professionals who manage, lead and support others who need to improve and sustain their performance by using coaching skills. Anyone wishing to implement a coaching program within an organisation, whether as managers, coordinators or attendees.


  • Coaching and mentoring defined
  • Coaching frameworks and models
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Communication skills
  • Skills practice sessions
  • Dealing with challenges
  • Implementing and finalising a program. 

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Define what coaching and mentoring is and identify a variety of frameworks and models that are available
  • Identify qualities and skills seen in a successful coach
  • Communicate effectively and deal with challenges that may arise
  • Prepare and implement a series of coaching sessions within the organisation
  • Provide coaching to individuals and groups
  • Follow-up coaching sessions to determine outcomes. 
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