This transformative course provides emerging and middle leaders with practical strategies for personal and leadership growth. EMPOWER unlocks potential and drives innovation by building resilient, engaged and purpose-led teams.

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Grounded in the science of improvement, this course is designed to inspire a cohort of aspirational and confident new leaders. By fostering resilient, engaged and purpose-led teams, EMPOWER unlocks individual potential and enhances retention rates as participants discover their role in cultivating a supportive and fulfilling work environment for themselves and those around them.

As a participant, you will gain valuable insights into your personal ambitions, work style, inherent strengths and challenges, mindset and communication effectiveness. Evidence-based tools used in the course help you strengthen your wellbeing and work capability.

Delivered in partnership with Go Higher, your participation in EMPOWER is an investment in your holistic wellbeing. You will learn how to optimise elements of your personal life, in order to find and sustain excellence in your professional role.

The concepts and models in EMPOWER are underpinned by positive psychology, neuroscience and the latest leadership research. It is a proven course that has helped transform the career and lives of hundreds of employees.

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Who will benefit

This course caters to individuals with a minimum of four years of work experience who want to build a robust plan for integrated career and personal success. It is especially relevant for individuals seeking to accelerate their development within their organisations, and teams looking to strengthen their sense of purpose, cohesion and productivity.

Employers benefit from a cohort of aspiring and well-equipped new leaders, alongside employees who are confident, engaged and self-aware. Additionally, this course enhances employee loyalty and retention, reducing hiring and training costs, strengthens employee commitment to company values and fosters collaborative, trusting, and productive teams.


The content is designed to help you self-reflect and build a career and life plan that is based on a strong mind, body and spirit foundation. Grounded in science, EMPOWER brings challenges that encourage your growth in a positive way.

  • Identifying career dreams and goals
  • Testing underlying motivations
  • Defining personal purpose and values
  • Aligning body, mind and spirit
  • Building the right mindset and motivation
  • Creating sustainable habits
  • Discovering and working with core strengths
  • Designing a short and long-term career and life plan
  • Developing self marketing strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Employers gain:

  • A cohort of aspirational and confident leaders
  • Greater loyalty and employee retention
  • Reduced hiring and training costs
  • Greater employee commitment to company values
  • More collaborative, trusting and productive teams
  • Greater engagement leading to improved innovation and problem solving
  • More confident, self-aware employees who are positive about their future
  • A physically and mentally healthier, more resilient workforce.

Employees gain:

  • The knowledge to build a sustainable career plan within a support network
  • Access to a DISC diagnostic report outlining their individual strengths and blind spots, with ideas and practices to improve communication effectiveness
  • Essential wellbeing strategies to support career growth
  • Exposure to inspirational guest speakers from outside their industries
  • An understanding of the barriers that hold back success and strategies to move forward
  • Increased self-confidence, motivation and positivity.

What past course attendees say:

"It is a great opportunity for you as a leader to make time for yourself take a step back and reflect on who you are."
Dan Ryan
West Coast Fever
Head Coach
"EMPOWER provides the opportunity to take the time to focus and strategically plan for your future."
Artemis Papantoniu
Mining, Brunel
Business Manager
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