This transformative course provides employees, including emerging leaders, with a toolkit of techniques and practical strategies for personal and leadership growth. Grounded in science, EMPOWER focuses on mind, body and spirit. 

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Centred around the holistic pillars of mind, body and spirit, this course provides you with valuable insights into your personal ambitions, work style, inherent strengths and challenges, mindset and communication effectiveness. A commitment to life-time wellbeing is at the heart of the program.

Delivered in partnership with Go Higher, EMPOWER embodies a commitment to lifelong wellbeing, ensuring that you not only excel in your professional role, but also thrive in your personal life.

In a small group forum, you will share your perspectives, insights, ideas and experiences. This creates a unique learning environment where trust and openness are paramount.

Positive psychology, neuroscience and the latest leadership research underpin all EMPOWER concepts and models. It is a proven course that has helped transform the career and lives of hundreds of employees.

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Who will benefit

This course caters to individuals with a minimum of four years of work experience who want to build a robust plan for both career and life success. It is especially relevant for those at a career crossroads looking to pursue new challenges, or individuals seeking to accelerate their career but don't know the best way. 

Designed with a focus on personal reflection, you will have the opportunity to holistically review all aspects of your life including health, relationships, finances, leadership and wellbeing. You will also gain valuable skills to support both career planning and development.


The content is designed to help you self-reflect and build a career and life plan that is based on a strong mind, body and spirit foundation. Grounded in science, EMPOWER brings challenges that encourage your growth in a positive way.

  • Identifying career dreams and goals
  • Testing underlying motivations
  • Defining personal purpose and values
  • Aligning body, mind and spirit
  • Building the right mindset and motivation
  • Creating sustainable habits
  • Discovering and working with core strengths
  • Designing a short and long-term career and life plan
  • Developing self marketing strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Employees gain:

  • The knowledge to build a sustainable career plan with a support network
  • Self-awareness with a deep understanding of strengths, motivators and blind spots
  • Ideas and practice to improve communication effectiveness
  • Essential wellbeing strategies to support career growth
  • An understanding of the barriers that hold back success
  • Increased self-confidence, motivation and positivity.

Employers gain:

  • More confident, engaged, self-aware employees who are positive about their future
  • Greater loyalty and employee retention
  • Reduced hiring and training costs
  • Greater employee commitment to company values
  • More collaborative, trusting and productive teams
  • A bench of aspiring and prepared new leaders
  • Happier, satisfied employees leading to improved innovation and problem solving
  • A physically and mentally healthier and resilient workforce.

What past course attendees say:

"This course has provided me with the most useful tools to help me develop as a team member and as a leader."
"The best course of my career!"
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