Mentoring Skills

Staff at all levels have the potential to play significant roles in supporting the growth of their colleagues. This practical mentoring course serves as an introduction to the key components of mentoring and the skills required of those who take up the mentoring role.


1 Day

Time (AWST)


In-house mentoring is increasingly seen as playing an important part in the development of staff within organisations. The role of senior staff, subject matter experts or trusted individuals in the development of employees is very significant.

The mentoring skills course focuses on equipping you with the essential competencies and knowledge needed to excel in mentorship roles, fostering professional development and growth within organisations.

Who will benefit

Individuals, managers, supervisors or HR professionals who are being asked to mentor other key staff within the organisation, or who wish to implement a mentoring program within an organisation.


  • Distinguishing mentoring from coaching
  • Characteristics of successful mentoring programs
  • Understanding different models of mentoring
  • Skills and knowledge required of successful mentors and mentees
  • Skills practice sessions.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Differentiate between mentoring and coaching, understanding their distinct roles in personal and professional development
  • Describe the essential components of successful mentoring courses
  • Apply knowledge of mentoring models to design and implement effective mentoring initiatives
  • Engage a staff member in a mentor/mentee relationship
  • Identify the key attributes and behaviours that contribute to successful mentors/mentees
  • Apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program to real-life mentoring scenarios
  • Support other people involved as mentors or mentees.
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