Developing a Successful Business Plan

This highly practical and interactive course will provide you with a clear framework to prepare a successful business plan and to tailor it to the needs of your organisation or business unit.

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2 Days



The course examines the key strategic business areas that a successful plan must consider, plus takes into account the factors that will support the implementation of the plan.

Who Will Benefit

Business unit managers, functional and frontline managers, small business owners and managers, project managers and professional practice personnel. This program is applicable to participants from the public, Not-for-Profit and private sectors.


  • Understand the relationship between the strategic plan, the business plan and operational plans
  • Conduct a situation analysis of the internal environment and external environment
  • Determine your over-arching purpose, your Key Result Areas and measures of success
  • Apply a business plan template to your organisation
  • Explore techniques to build commitment to implement the plan
  • Understand the process of producing, monitoring and reviewing the plan.
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