Change Management

Change is a constant in today's organisations. This change management course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement and navigate change at the individual, group and organisational levels. 


2 Days

Time (AWST)


In the dynamic and rapidly changing business landscape, leaders and managers must possess strong change management skills to drive organisational success. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the internal and external forces that instigate and hinder change. You will acquire practical tools and techniques to effectively manage change, ensuring greater certainty in achieving the intended benefits of organisational change.

Who will benefit

People involved with the change process in their organisation, including supervisors, team leaders, frontline managers, managers or people seeking to acquire the skills involved in these roles.


  • Adopting a managed approach to change and effectively planning for change
  • Understanding the process of implementing change and how to drive it effectively
  • Exploring the culture of change and understanding its impact on individuals and organisations
  • Examining the perceived costs of change and strategies for managing resistance to change
  • Recognising the critical role of managers in leading and facilitating change initiatives.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to: 

  • Formulate change plans and analyse external factors that may impact change efforts
  • Understand various models of organisational change and their application
  • Develop and execute organisational change management strategies, including conducting stakeholder analysis and dealing with resistance
  • Evaluate an organisation's culture and its readiness for change
  • Recognise the impact of change on individuals and understand the emotional cycle associated with it
  • Identify and address individual and organisational barriers to change
  • Understand the role of managers in facilitating and leading change initiatives
  • Explore the psychological aspects of change, and how individuals and teams respond to change
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of change initiatives and strategies.
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