Change Management

Change is a constant in today's organisations. This course is designed to provide managers with the skills and knowledge to implement and cope with change at the individual, group and organisational levels. The forces provoking change both within and outside organisations are also reviewed as are the causes of resistance to the change agenda.


2 Days



This course is designed to provide managers with the skills and knowledge to implement and cope with change in the workplace. Such skills are essential for every manager given the rapid pace of change and the need to influence the process toward organisational outcomes.

Who will benefit

People involved with the change process in their organisation, including supervisors, team leaders, frontline managers, managers or people seeking to acquire the skills involved in these roles.


  • Understanding the change process
  • Models of organisational change
  • Aligning change strategies with organisation goals
  • Planning for change
  • Involvement and empowerment in the change process
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Monitoring and reviewing effectiveness of change and change strategies. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Analyse internal and external environmental factors to identify change requirements and opportunities
  • Develop and implement change management strategies. 
Related Results

This course will give you the opportunity to take stock of your current skill set against what will be required to meet tomorrow’s leadership challenges. The good news? Many leaders – and organisations - aren’t ready to meet these challenges. You can use the key points from the course to help your organisation meet or even get ahead of the needs of a fast transforming work environment.

This course is designed to help leaders of hybrid workplaces look at how they should approach today’s hybrid workforce; to identify the success factors that will help them to lead and manage their workforce more effectively; and to better understand both the technical and, more importantly, the relational challenges that come from this new norm.

The course is aimed at medium sized organisations, and individuals within those organisations, who have realised that they need to start looking seriously at their carbon footprint. The content will help you understand where you are now, so that you can set realistic and sustainable targets and plans to contribute to the worldwide movement towards Net Zero.

People are an organisation's greatest asset! Managers can take an active part in addressing and responding to specific opportunities to improve the performance of their employees. This course will help you to develop the coaching skills to support and sustain improved performance by others.

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