Mindsets for High Performance

Delivered in partnership with The Pacific Institute®, this globally renowned course is designed to cultivate mindsets that increase thinking flexibility, facilitate change and drive high performance. Over 6.5 million people across 60 countries have benefitted from this course.


2 Days

Time (AWST)



In today’s world of accelerating change, complexity and increasing demands, our ability to foster a growth mindset is more crucial than ever.

Often, the fear of change or the belief that the old ways are better can hold us back. The key is to shift our thinking to a high performance mindset, to see change as a chance to grow and to have confidence that we can achieve our best - regardless of the obstacles we face.

Founded on contemporary cognitive and neuroscience principles, this course will help you see opportunity, generate ideas and grow with intentionality.

Who will benefit

Those leading and working in complex and demanding environments or who want a set of powerful mindset tools to improve wellbeing, increase productivity in the workplace and achieve work and personal goals.


  • The power of beliefs and expectations on performance
  • Understanding how we think
  • The limiters and liberators: habits, attitudes and comfort zones
  • Our internal dialogue
  • Mindset tools for growth
  • Visualising success
  • Building inner strength and resilience
  • Setting our minds to create energy and problem solve
  • Shifting our goals from ‘have to’ to ‘want to’
  • Creating a meaningful life-philosophy.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Recognise opportunities you were unable to see in the past and become eager to try new approaches
  • Understand that you are not limited by your potential, but by your ability to use your potential
  • Acquire mindfulness tools to control and direct your internal dialogue in support of your goals
  • Build inner strength and an optimistic thinking style when engaging with the future
  • Embrace higher levels of confidence and lower levels of anxiety and stress
  • Adopt a new standard of leadership that combines personal, professional and organisational accountability
  • Create the pre-conditions for mental wellbeing and success
  • Perform at levels that exceed both internal and customer expectations.

What past course attendees say:

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward to implementing this both in my personal and professional life."
Leah Ritchie
Rio Tinto
Advisor Capability Development
"Really enjoyed learning the practical ways to help facilitate a growth and positive mindset."
Imogen Fernihough
Rare Pty Ltd.
Personal Assistant
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