Assertive Communication

Master the art of clear, confident expression while remaining receptive and open to others' concerns. You will discover the psychological impact this communication method has on long-term relationships and how influential it can be in achieving agreement with others.


2 days

Time (AWST)


Clarity and confidence are often seen as the secrets to effective assertive communication. By developing skills to clearly express your views in a confident manner, you are more likely to be successful at getting your message across and be more receptive and open to concerns expressed by others.

Who will benefit

Anyone who wants to develop their self-confidence and communicate effectively and assertively with work colleagues at all levels. This assertive communication training is useful in conversations with clients and in personal life.


  • Differences between assertion, aggression and non-assertion behaviour
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Assertive communication characteristics
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Matching the verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Responding and reacting to the views of others
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Adapting to the needs and styles of others.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Respond to difficult situations with assertion over aggression or submission
  • Recognise your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop assertive communication skills
  • Build a toolkit of strategies to adapt to the needs and communication styles of others
  • Be more confident when expressing your personal views
  • Cope with difficult people and situations more effectively.

What past course attendees say:

"This course was very beneficial to my work and personal life."
Lesley Gillett
Electrical Group Training
"Learned many new techniques to improve my communication skills."
Daniel Kalbermatten
AngloGold Ashanti Australia Ltd.
Supervisor Services and Underground Maintenance
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