Assertive Communication for Women

Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are key ingredients of this course. Embrace the power of assertive communication as a woman, become confident and communicate effectively with people at all levels in your organisation.


2 days



Communication is the cornerstone of establishing credibility within an organisation. By embracing clear, authentic self-expression and active listening, effective negotiations become attainable and workplace stress is significantly reduced. The Assertive Communication for Women course improves open and assertive communication, fostering a harmonious and productive organisational environment.

Who will benefit

Women who want to develop their self-confidence and communicate more effectively and assertively with work colleagues at all levels. This assertive communication training also provides value in both client interactions and personal relationships.


  • Differences between assertion, aggression and non-assertion behaviour
  • Development and maintenance of self-confidence
  • Learning how to handle constructive criticism and complaints
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of time, place and situations when dealing with conflict
  • Learning how to say "no" when suitable
  • Expressing positive and negative feelings
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Using congruent body language
  • Learning to speak assertively in difficult situations.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Distinguish between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Be more confident when expressing your personal views
  • Express positive and negative feelings easily through verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Develop confidence in handling constructive criticism and complaints
  • Master the art of navigating challenging conversations with assertive communication strategies
  • Cope with difficult people and situations more effectively.
Related Results

Research shows that most inexperienced negotiators rush too quickly to bargaining and don't spend enough time on planning. This course equips participants with the tools, techniques and tactics required to manage negotiations successfully.

To become truly effective at work we must achieve a balance of our own time and the needs of the job. This course reinforces the need to take control over your behaviour and become responsible for job outcomes as well as simple processes. 

Master the art of clear, confident expression while remaining receptive and open to others' concerns. You will discover the psychological impact this communication method has on long-term relationships and how influential it can be in achieving agreement with others.

Email has become the communication method of choice to send short sharp messages. However, this does not guarantee it will be used effectively or efficiently. During this course you will learn how to improve your communication.

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