Assertive Communication for Women

Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are key ingredients of this course. You will acquire the confidence and skills to communicate highly effectively with people at all levels in your organisation.


2 days



Credibility as contributing members of an organisation is established through the process of communication. Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are key in effective negotiations and contribute to the reduction of stress in the workplace. Organisations will benefit from having employees who are able to communicate more openly and assertively.

Who Will Benefit

Women who want to develop their self-confidence and communicate effectively and assertively with work colleagues at all levels.


  • Differences between assertion, aggression and non-assertion
  • Development and maintenance of self-confidence
  • Learning how to handle constructive criticism and complaints
  • Appropriateness – choice of time, place and situation
  • Learning how to say "no" when appropriate
  • Expressing positive and negative feelings
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Using congruent body language
  • Learning to speak assertively in difficult situations.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Distinguish between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Decide appropriate responses and make use of new skills and strategies learned.
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