Managing Your Mates and Friends at Work

This practical, relevant one-day course is designed to support individuals transitioning from team member to team leadership roles.

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1 Day

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Tailored to reflect and resonate with Australian workplace norms, this course addresses various cultural challenges faced during organisational change.

Throughout this course, you will learn to balance the fine line between camaraderie and leadership, ensuring a smooth and effective transition to your new role.

Who will benefit

This course is specifically designed for professionals in Australian organisations who are advancing from being team members to leaders.

It is ideal for:

  • Individuals newly promoted to supervisory or management roles
  • Team members who anticipate stepping into leadership positions
  • Human Resource personnel aiming to support staff through transitions in leadership.


  • Psychological Safety in teams: how to recalibrate a team environment that encourages open communication and risk-taking, vital for new leaders managing former peers
  • Communication strategies for navigating the delicate balance of friendliness and authority, ensuring clear and effective team leadership
  • Authority and influence: practical strategies around how to step into the new role confidently, gaining respect and cooperation from the team while maintaining relationships
  • Conflict resolution: how to address and resolve conflicts, keeping both team unity and productivity at the forefront during transitions.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Understand how to foster psychological safety within your team, encouraging a culture of open communication and innovation
  • Acquire effective communication techniques that respect past peer relationships while establishing clear leadership
  • Develop confidence in your new role, gaining the respect and cooperation of your team through balanced leadership
  • Learn conflict resolution methods that prioritise team cohesion and ensure continuous productivity through periods of change.
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