Frontline Management and Supervision

These courses help you manage people, plus translate the organisation’s strategy into day-to-day tasks to achieve key goals and outcomes.
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The Frontline Leader

The Frontline Leader program is the essential development experience for managers, supervisors, team leaders and frontline managers. The program combines exposure to contemporary business and management practices with a stimulating learning environment and practical workplace application.
This course runs in Bunbury on November 6-10, in Kalgoorlie on November 13-17 and in Geraldton on November 20-24.

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Building and Sustaining Innovation

Innovation is an over-used word in modern organisations yet it remains an important ingredient of a successful team. This course adopts a practical perspective and explores ways to embed innovation into the culture of the team. 

Continuous Improvement

To remain competitive, organisations must continually seek ways to proactively improve all aspects of their business, including workplace relationships, processes, products and services.

Coping with Pressure

This course will help you understand the causes and costs of workplace pressure, the benefits of creating balance, and how to identify pressure points. You will also learn how to apply emotional intelligence, increase optimism and resilience, and develop strategies for getting ahead.

Creating a High Performance Team

Using case studies and simulation exercises, this course examines strategies to ensure your team works effectively together to achieve a set of goals and objectives.

Developing Resilience

In life, things go wrong from time to time but it’s how we face those challenges that can make all the difference. On this course you will learn practical, behaviourally based techniques to help you rebound quickly and positively after facing difficulties.

Effective Workplace Relationships

Good workplace relationships are essential to ensure teams or business departments can work effectively. There are a multitude of essential skills covered in this course which will help participants increase their influence within their work team.

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) incorporates diverse and exciting learning approaches. Fully residential, it puts an intensive focus on performance improvement. This approach coupled with skilled facilitators and coaches ensures the fast-track development of future leaders.

Experienced Supervisor

The Experienced Supervisor course builds on existing key skills and knowledge of people management. Attendance will enable you to maximise your own potential and that of your staff.
The course runs in Kalgoorlie on October 4-6.

Leading a Diverse Workforce

This course centres around the fact that we now work in the most diverse workplaces in our history. By attending, you will increase your own toolkit of leadership skills for thriving on diversity.

Manage People Performance

The key component in effective performance management is communication. Using contemporary case studies, this course helps you to develop the required skills and challenges you to make managing performance beneficial to both employer and employee.

New Supervisor

1 or more date available virtually

Learning how to be a good supervisor is critical for individuals to reach optimum effectiveness faster and avoid feeling like they’ve been 'thrown in at the deep end'. This Perth based introductory supervisor training course shows new leaders the functions of leading effective groups or teams. The course will help ensure participants perform at the highest level on site or in the office.
This course runs in Kalgoorlie on July 10-11, October 2-3, November 6-7 and Geraldton on August 28-29.

Operational Plans

If an organisation is to reach its desired goals, sound planning is essential and implementation of that plan is an important key to success. During this course, you will learn how to develop and implement an operational plan, manage operational resources and monitor and review operational performance.

Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

This practical course equips participants with the skills and knowledge to face choosing and setting priorities head-on. Learn how to set realistic goals and targets, organise work activities and achieve a healthy work life balance whilst meeting agreed goals and expectations.

WHS for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

This course will assist managers, supervisors and team leaders to understand their responsibilities under our WHS laws and develop the skills needed to effectively manage safety in the workplace.

Workplace Leadership

1 or more date available virtually

Responsible leadership is a prerequisite for high performing teams. This program focuses on creating an understanding of the role of the leader in a modern organisation. Flexibility and the capacity to apply a range of leadership styles is critical. 

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What does leadership and strategy look like as we emerge from a global pandemic and weather an economic downturn? Is it possible for executives to make sense of this new environment, to plan and to implement their strategy and survive the next major disruption? The 2023 Senior Executive Forum offers an opportunity to reflect on and answer some of these questions, plus the many others that face each individual organisation.

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Explore Frontline Management and Supervision Qualifications

The Diploma of Work Health and Safety qualification allows OHS/WHS practitioners to formalise their skills and knowledge while maintaining the OHS/WHS requirements in their organisation.


This qualification reflects the role of workers who apply a broad knowledge base and well-developed skills in a wide variety of contexts and may include coordinators, advisors and facilitators. It is for those seeking formal recognition of their WHS work experience, knowledge and skills. It is suitable for people working in a WHS role who work to provide leadership and guidance to others and have some limited responsibility for the output of others.


The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management qualification has a strong focus on leadership and the essential skills and knowledge required by those on the frontline who have people management responsibilities. 


The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification addresses the strategic level leadership and management competencies required by those who have responsibilities for contributing to and implementing those activities which are directly linked to the strategic intent of an organisation. 

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