New Supervisor

Learning how to be a good supervisor is critical to reach optimum effectiveness faster and avoid feeling like you’ve been 'thrown in at the deep end'. This supervisor course will help ensure you perform at the highest level on site or in the office. This course runs in Perth and Kalgoorlie.


2 Days



The New Supervisor course helps develop the skills and techniques required to set the foundations for efficient communication and effective relations between supervisor and staff. The learning outcomes of this course have applications across all industries, including construction, safety, mining, hospitality and government.

Supervisors who attend this popular and fundamental training course become much more effective and productive in their role. They also have fewer problems within their workplace because they are sensitive to what motivates their staff, are better at solving problems and have improved leadership skills.

This supervisor training course explores the management of teams and relationships between supervisor and worker. It shows group or team leaders the functions of effective groups or teams and provides valuable tips and insights on integrating concerns of task, team and individual to support organisational goals.

Who will benefit

Recently appointed or potential supervisors who need to develop an understanding of the key elements of the role. This course may also be suitable for others without formal supervisory training, aspiring to be a more successful team leader or to fulfil a supervisory or mentor role within their area.


  • Identifying and using key communication skills
  • Effective delegation techniques
  • Managing and motivating teams
  • Handling performance consequences
  • Controlling interpersonal and intergroup conflict
  • Applying leadership principles.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Recognise human factors affecting the supervisor’s role
  • Identify and apply key human resource skills of communication, motivation and delegation
  • Manage and resolve interpersonal and intergroup conflict, including performance consequences
  • Select and apply appropriate leadership skills to various situations
  • Support your organisation's broader operational plan through your newly acquired supervisory skills.

This course is also delivered via a virtual classroom and is indicated by "Virtual" next to the date.

What past course attendees say:

"The best course I have attended, could not have been any more relevant for my current work role. "
"The facilitator's involvement was outstanding. "
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