Creating a High Performance Team

Using case studies and simulation exercises, this course examines strategies to ensure your team works effectively together to achieve a set of goals and objectives.


1 Day

Time (AWST)


There’s a certain skill set that’s needed when it comes to achieving effective teamwork. During this course, you will explore the skills and knowledge required to promote teamwork and the development of team plans.

Who will benefit

All managers working at the frontline of an organisation, from supervisors and team leaders, through to business unit and divisional managers.



  • Establishing team purpose, goals and objectives
  • Consulting with team members
  • Supporting team members in meeting required outcomes
  • Establishing standards of performance
  • Communicating expectations, roles and responsibilities
  • Encouraging team members to accept responsibility for work tasks
  • Fostering cultures where team members assist each other in undertaking required roles and responsibilities
  • Providing feedback
  • Differentiating recognition and reward
  • Leadership style and factors that influence style
  • Communicate information and unresolved issues between management and the team.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Plan to achieve agreed outcomes
  • Develop team cohesion
  • Participate in and facilitate work teams
  • Liaise with management.
Related Results

Good workplace relationships are essential to ensure teams or business departments can work effectively. There are a multitude of essential skills covered in this course which will help participants increase their influence within their work team.

This practical course equips participants with the skills and knowledge to face choosing and setting priorities head-on. Learn how to set realistic goals and targets, organise work activities and achieve a healthy work life balance whilst meeting agreed goals and expectations.

The key component in effective performance management is communication. Using contemporary case studies, this course helps you to develop the required skills and challenges you to make managing performance beneficial to both employer and employee.

This course will help you understand the causes and costs of workplace pressure, the benefits of creating balance, and how to identify pressure points. You will also learn how to apply emotional intelligence, increase optimism and resilience, and develop strategies for getting ahead.

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