Experienced Supervisor

The Experienced Supervisor course builds on existing key skills and knowledge of people management. Attendance will enable you to maximise your own potential and that of your staff.


3 Days



This course is designed to further develop the essential aspects of the supervisor’s role and increase their ability to work at a higher supervisory level within an organisation. The course builds on existing key skills and knowledge of people management.

Over three days, this supervisor development course will help you to understand the changing role of the experienced supervisor and how it relates to your team. You will learn how to identify development opportunities and create an action plan for performance improvement. This supervisory skills training course in Perth will help you to examine your own personal leadership style and how this impacts those you supervise.

Who Will Benefit

Those who have been frontline managers, supervisors and team leaders for at least two or three years. In particular, people who need to further develop the skills and knowledge required to manage operations and plan activities to a greater depth while at the same time, maintaining and developing positive relationships with both internal and external clients or stakeholders.


  • Changing role of the supervisor
  • Setting objectives
  • Time management
  • Performance improvement
  • Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Operational planning.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the Experienced Supervisor training course, participants should be able to:

  • Discern your Key Result Areas (KRA’s) and Key
  • Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Utilise time management techniques to get organised
  • Identify development opportunities and create an action plan for performance improvement
  • Determine your leadership preference
  • Delegate effectively
  • Use a variety of ways to motivate your team
  • Identify communication accelerators
  • Use strategies to improve team performance.

What past course attendees say:

"Helped open up new ways to deal with issues and organisational problem-solving. "
"A great course with good breaks throughout the day."
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