The Sales Professional

Sharpen your effectiveness in an ever-changing sales environment. In this course, you will explore and practice the skills to continuously move your prospects forward.


3 Days



While product, process and service offerings are continuously changing, all successful salespeople still focus on two things; the pipeline of prospects and maintaining relationships.

This three day course exposes you to the essential prerequisites to succeed in a sales role. Become a highly skilled sales and business development professional for your organisation. 

“Salespeople exist to discover where the desire is and then deliver on that desire.” Seth Godin

Who Will Benefit

Salespeople consolidating the skills of relationship and solutions based sales outcomes.


  • The changing sales environment
  • Managing self, time and territory
  • Eight stages of the sales process
  • Sharpening and refining your approach to increasing sales
  • Identifying key and growing accounts
  • Setting objectives, developing strategies and taking actions to increase your share with the customer
  • Using influencing skills to improve relationships
  • Making effective sales presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Employ prospecting methods, qualify prospects and manage prospect information
  • Prepare and present sales solutions
  • Manage buyer resistance
  • Identify and respond to buying signals
  • Finalise the sales agreement
  • Support post sales activities
  • Increase the sales value of each customer
  • Build a strategy for developing business
  • Apply positive influencing techniques
  • Deliver business-winning presentations.

What past course attendees say:

"I enjoyed how the course was delivered in a way that was beneficial to any participant and their specific needs."
"A very professional, well-run course. I would highly recommend it!"
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