Think on Your Feet®

Discover how to visualise and organise your thoughts quickly, communicate effectively under pressure, convey your ideas clearly and think on your feet faster. This course will teach you strategies to stay cool under pressure, enabling you to articulate and deliver your message clearly and concisely.


2 Days

Time (AWST)


This globally acclaimed verbal skills course trains you to organise your thoughts and ideas quickly for clear, concise, persuasive messages.

More than half a million people have benefited from Think on Your Feet® training around the world. Now you can have the same experience here in Perth.

Think on Your Feet® is an international course that has run in Australia for over 20 years. Its focus is to build skills, knowledge and confidence in people wanting to enhance their ability to communicate key messages.

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Who will benefit

This course is designed for people at all levels across various sectors. Anyone keen to improve their communication skills will benefit from learning how Think on Your Feet® training can help to communicate key messages with finesse.


  • Getting to the point and being remembered
  • Presenting your ideas with speed and clarity
  • Handling questions
  • Bridging from question to answer
  • Moving opposing viewpoints to a middle ground
  • Selling the benefits of your ideas, products and services
  • Telling a story: What? Where? When? Why?

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Structure your ideas simply and persuasively
  • Flesh out ideas with memorable examples
  • Target listeners’ core concerns
  • Simplify complex information
  • Get to the point and be remembered
  • Handle objections and questions positively
  • Use handy fall-back techniques when you’re caught off guard.

Workshop Materials

You will receive a bound course textbook containing a synopsis of the Think on Your Feet® formats for easy study, plus examples, worksheets, checklists and memory-jogging wallet cards.

Optional/Additional Coaching Package:

3 x 1 hour sessions

$900 Non Member
$800 Corporate/Professional Member 

What past course attendees say:

"Well delivered and facilitated course."
Jeff Bentley
Australian Gas Infrastructure Group
Lands Officer
"The course interactions allowed me to highlight areas of improvement and push me out of my comfort zone."
Rebecca Massara
NRW Holdings
Human Resources Advisor
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