Book Launch - From Pitch to Profit

Join us for this complimentary AIM WA Professional Members-only event with Julia Ewert to launch her new book, From Pitch to Profit.

August 01, 2024

2 hours

Time (AWST)


Julia Ewert FAIM

Author, LinkedIn Learning Sales Instructor, professional negotiator and sales strategist.

With more than 25 years of experience in sales and negotiating, Julia helps B2B companies establish highly effective and scalable sales functions by equipping them with a truly holistic sales system.

She is one of the most sought-after sales and negotiation thought leaders, sharing her expertise on the world’s best practices and FBI negotiation techniques.

In addition, Julia continues to hone her negotiating skills from hostage, crisis, terrorist, and business negotiators – who are using the most advanced negotiation techniques to solve complex scenarios.

How do you apply the same negotiation skills the FBI uses in a sales process? Can you become a master salesperson and not be ‘salesy’? How can you really stand out in the most relevant way amongst the competition? How do you properly follow up to make the most of your efforts?

Successful business growth is not about an aggressive used car sales approach. It’s about one-on-one communications that lead to trust and partnership. 

Hear from Julia Ewert as she shares her new book and highlights how you can drive more business, consistently and efficiently. 

From Pitch to Profit reveals how you can win more clients and grow your business using The Infinite Sales System®: a strategic, tried-and-tested process that follows the same expert techniques used by the world’s best negotiators.

By attending this book launch, you will gain insight into a proven, scalable process for selling a product or service, managing your clients and successfully developing your business into a sustainable revenue machine.

  • Discover the exact questions you need to ask in the first sales meeting - and get an actionable plan for following up more effectively
  • Learn how to spot the clues that will tell you what clients need from you to buy in
  • Qualify and convert more ideal clients
  • Generate more predictable revenue with higher margins.

Attendees will receive a copy of From Pitch to Profit.

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