AIM WA Book Launch Special Event - Unreasonable Ambition by Vanessa Vershaw

June 01, 2023

2 hours

Time (AWST)


Vanessa Vershaw

Vanessa Vershaw has relentless belief in human potential. Recognised as an elite peak-performance coaching psychologist, entrepreneur and transformation strategist, she is a trusted advisor to executives, key decision-makers, ASX-20 and Fortune 100 organisations globally.

Vanessa has dedicated over two decades to helping leaders reimagine their futures using a potent combination of business psychology, design thinking, neuroscience and ancient wisdom. A visionary born with a fire raging within, she empowers leaders to shift their mindsets beyond resilience, adaptability and big-hearted ambition.

A former budding journalist with the ABC, her media features include Channels 7 and 10 as well as regular appearances on Channel 9 as a workplace psychologist. Vanessa is also a regular on national radio covering topics around the future of work, DEI, resilience, leadership, building healthy places to work, business transformation and world issues. She has been published and featured in The Australian, Financial Review; Diplomat Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Business Journal, WA Business News and Emergent Magazine to name but a few.

Renegade Thinking for leaders to create impossible change

We are at the edge of a new frontier. Life feels like a permanent rollercoaster ride with few of us equipped with the tools to deal with the stress that comes from constant change and disruption. We are all trying to figure out how to adapt to the new logic of business competition, create opportunity from uncertainty, and prepare to thrive in our lives.

Join us as we interview Vanessa Vershaw and dissect her second book Unreasonable Ambition, which pulls back the curtain on more than two decades of working with some of the world’s most creative, innovative and trail-blazing minds of our time. With a career that has seen Vanessa travel across the globe to stand alongside countless executive heavy weights as their trusted advisor, strategist and high-performance coach from ASX-20 to Fortune 100 organisations – she is ready to share the power of having Unreasonable Ambition.

This is not your typical leadership book.

Created as a handbook for current and emerging leaders to wake their ‘sleeping giant’ and deliver what the world needs from them, readers will walk away with a new perspective and high-performance toolkit to face the revolutionary era we are living in.

Written for modern-day leaders this book will;

  1. Reveal the secrets to building an unreasonably ambitious mindset.
  2. Teach you how to awaken your full potential (‘the sleeping giant within’) and ignite your inner hero.
  3. Show you how to take back control and become the entrepreneur of your own life.
  4. Provide you with a proven methodology to adapt and thrive no matter the conditions.
  5. Equip you with practical tools, strategies and mind hacks to tap into the power, resilience and courage you have within you to create the life you want.

Because success is a choice.

Please join us at this AIM WA Professional Member-only exclusive book launch with Vanessa Vershaw.

Professional Members who attend will receive a copy of Unreasonable Ambition.

Vanessa Vershaw - Unreasonable Ambition

Places are limited so bookings are essential.