Our new Katitjin Centre was opened in May 2011 and is the third learning facility on our site in Floreat, complementing both our Management and Leadership Centres. With nine leading edge training rooms, multiple syndicate rooms, lounge and breakout areas, networking and meeting facilities, it is an ideal place to learn.

This building makes it possible to offer more learning and development initiatives and shows our commitment to sustainability, including the management of people, resources and the environment. It allows the Institute to address the growing capacity and skill needs in Western Australia and international markets.

Katitjin – what does it mean?

Katitjin means "place of learning" in Nyoongar, one of Australia’s indigenous languages.

Green Star Rating

The Katitjin Centre has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star Education Design V1 certified rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). This is the highest green star rating possible, representing world leadership in sustainable building design.

The building achieved this rating through a combination of passive design, efficient equipment selection, sophisticated control systems and extensive photovoltaic technology. The 45kw photovoltaic installation resulted in a dramatic reduction of the energy footprint and the building reached a remarkable achievement by producing negative carbon emission.

Katitjin design features include:

    • Orientation to optimise environmental performance
    • Generous, flexible learning areas and associated break-out spaces with bushland and city views
    • The use of photovoltaic cells for power generation
    • Low energy heating and air conditioning systems
    • Water recycling
    • Use of sustainable materials including low formaldehyde timber products, low volatile organic compound paints, sealants and adhesives, environmentally certified furniture and flooring 
    • Waterless Xeriscape landscaping
    • Daylight sensors and motion detectors controlling the lighting and air-conditioning systems.