Accounting for Non Accountants

If you need to build your financial acumen and would like to integrate financial information into your decision making, this course is for you. You will learn how to link financial objectives to company strategies, interpret financial data to make better decisions.


3 Days



This course will assist managers, executives and board members, from a non-financial background, to develop their financial acumen. It will also help you to communicate and engage with others to improve business performance.

Who will benefit

People who need to better integrate financial information and outcomes into their decision making.


  • Awareness of accounting basics
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Making sound decisions using financial ratios, break even analysis and net present value techniques
  • Long term business planning and the budgeting process
  • Aligning people, marketing, operational and financial strategies
  • Building a positive culture using financial information
  • An introduction to capital budgeting.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Set business objectives for cash, revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity
  • Drive long-term financial outcomes aligned to business vision, mission and values
  • Align financial objectives to business strategies
  • Forecast the financial performance needed to bridge gaps between current reality and future desire
  • Set the direction for financial discussions within the organisation.
Related Results

Every manager needs to operate within a budget. During this course you will examine a variety of approaches for developing a budget and monitoring performance against an agreed business plan.

For those needing to use financial tools to support business planning, this program will explore the different finance variables that have to be taken into account when preparing predictive models for organisations or major projects. 

This course is designed for those who have had little or no exposure to accounting concepts and want to gain an introductory level of financial awareness. 

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers training course is for those who need an understanding of finance to make sound commercial decisions. You will learn how to improve budgeting processes within your team, explore tax implications of business structures and learn how to ask insightful questions about the organisation's finances.

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