With our unique approach, every program we implement has the attention to detail and personalised service you would expect from AIM WA. A one-on-one discussion with an AIM WA Client Manager begins the process of generating a custom solution. We then select AIM WA consultants, facilitators and coaches based on their relevant industry experience to suit your organisation’s needs.

Working together with you, we develop custom interventions across a wide range of possibilities. These interventions include:

  • In-company
  • New custom programs/services
  • Pure consulting or facilitation interventions.

Often the end result depends on how much you wish to customise the intervention and to what level you want to provide an experiential learning opportunity for your organisation. 

“In-company” interventions come from our broad range of open programs (more than 150 training programs) where we modify and adjust our existing content to match your organisational environment. 

New custom client initiatives enable you to focus on your organisation’s unique challenges. These types of interventions may include significant content or may be more participative, with your staff “learning by doing."  New custom initiatives may include relevant business scenarios, diagnostics, action learning activities, learning journals or post-program feedback options. Coaching may also become part of the initiative to support participants in their learning.

Pure consulting or facilitative interventions result from the combined expertise of the AIM WA consultant and Client Relationship Manager who create a distinct solution that addresses your specific needs, in collaboration with your staff.  AIM WA consultants can work with you one-on-one, to think through your organisational challenge and can deliver or facilitate a process with tangible results. These initiatives pay particular attention to the interaction among and between your staff during the intervention. The benefits of having external consultants working with your staff are well established. 

Contact AIM WA on (08) 9383 8000 to find out more.