AIM WA builds on its wide ranging consultant talents and content expertise and develops customised, individual solutions for organisations.

We’re a creative bunch at AIM WA and we completely understand the challenges organisations face and the difference leaders can make. Our passion lies in the development of customised solutions that have a significant impact on your organisational performance.

The design and delivery of our programs are underpinned by years of research, a plethora of resources and a diverse range of leadership expertise collated and integrated from specialists across the globe.

Our delivery is premised on recognising and building on experience with a focus on the learning process and learning outcomes rather than the knowledge content alone. This means learning is:

  • Autonomous and self-directing
  • Based on specific and generic needs
  • Aligned to the groups prior experience
  • Linked to both task and development
  • Sequenced
  • Experiential; and
  • Collaborative.

Our customised solutions are not only customised to your organisation, they are also customised to the participants’ requirements. We prepare meticulously thought through development plans for each and every participant which consists of the appropriate mix of learning and professional development solutions. The following framework is provided to demonstrate a holistic overview of how this approach is applied to each organisation looking to partner with AIM WA on their organisational development journey. 

We’d love to chat to you further about how we can assist you with your own organisational development solution. Please contact us on (08) 9383 8000 to speak to one of our Client Relationship Managers or email us to leave your contact details so we can get in touch with you.