AIM WA delivers programs and services that help you achieve desired and sustainable organisational outcomes. AIM WA is well positioned to offer management and leadership training and development programs along with facilitation, consulting and coaching or mentoring services.

To develop a successful customised solution it is necessary to identify the key program focus where the maximum impact can be made. AIM WA consultants and Client Relationship Managers use a partnering model and work closely with the primary client contacts to diagnose needs and propose practical and comprehensive solutions. AIM WA’s open program expertise provides the content for a wide range of custom interventions and the diversity of AIM WA consultants means that solutions can be highly tailored to your individual requirements. The key to AIM WA’s custom success are clear and concise approaches that everyone can understand, and the ability of AIM WA consultants to deliver programs that support the ideal level of interaction between participants.

AIM WA’s flexibility means that we design the workshop schedule with you and your staff in mind. Our customised programs and services are extensive, and the following list identifies areas of interest we can deliver for you. We can design half-day workshops or workshops with multiple days of delivery. 


This list is not exhaustive and you are welcome to contact AIM WA for further information.

Management training (with wide-ranging qualifications)

We can deliver customised management qualifications that integrate your desired competencies and assessment processes into a delivery schedule that reflects your staff’s needs.

Strategic planning

Whether you are interested in learning and understanding the skills and competencies necessary to develop strategy or wish to run a strategic planning process that results in your new strategic plan, we can provide you with a consultant who has the skills to assist in this process.

Leading Change Management

Embracing change is a necessary skill in today’s organisations. Our ‘leading change’ programs provide a foundation for organisations to respond to a constantly changing environment by exploring the key elements of effective change management. Our custom interventions in change enable you to examine your staff’s approach to change and give you the skills to develop practical strategies to use in your organisation.

Leadership Development

The Centre for Customised Solutions has a range of interventions that can assist staff in creating 'leader-full organisations‘. The leadership programs and services we offer enable you to explore and understand the key skills of effective leadership and show you how you can enhance these competencies. We make sure we connect leadership with performance and culture and our AIM WA consultants include these key messages in your customised leadership solution.

Enhancing your team’s effectiveness

All teams benefit from focusing on their tasks, roles, objectives and relationships. Strengthening teamwork through practical learning opportunities or formal sessions can lead to a more productive culture and better performance. The Centre for Customised Solutions can develop a tailored workshop that accommodates your team’s characteristics and stage of development. Team diagnostics tools can be effectively integrated into these workshops.

Strengthening your organisation's culture

High performance in organisations is often achieved by understanding the current culture and appreciating the key features of a high performance culture. Practical activities and diagnostics are useful in recognising the current cultural characteristics and the Centre for Customised Solutions can develop programs and workshops to move you to a high performance culture. This may involve working across teams, business units or the entire organisation.

Improving staff engagement

Organisations that create an environment where staff are retained and motivated reap tremendous benefits. By defining the key aspects of engagement and exploring strategies to nurture these characteristics, the Centre for Customised Solutions develops programs that strengthen your qualities as an 'employer of choice'.

Organisational diagnostics

Having the opportunity to generate data from self and others can ignite powerful changes in leaders and managers. AIM WA has a series of personal and 360 degree diagnostics that explore organisational behaviours, team synergy, values and effectiveness. By consulting with an AIM WA Client Relationship Manager, you can be assured that we will suggest the most appropriate diagnostic to achieve your desired outcome.

Organisational coaching

Coaching within organisations offers staff a unique opportunity to explore new ways of achieving their goals and enhancing their effectiveness. Coaching topics can range from developing more collaborative work styles, managing stress, pursuing new goals or overcoming obstacles. The reflections in a coaching session enable staff to identify their own resourcefulness and achieve significant improvements. Coaching programs that target the individual or the units within the organisation are available at the Centre for Customised Solutions and can include a one-off coaching session or multiple sessions in a coaching package.

Team and organisational facilitation

The use of a facilitator who collaboratively works with a group to reach a desired outcome for the organisation can result in tremendous benefits. AIM WA consultants have a keen interest in creating a process that works for you and they are trained and experienced in wide-ranging facilitation techniques.

Processes that are extensively used at AIM WA include: Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, SOAR and Fish Bowl (to name a few).

Regardless of the program focus, an AIM WA Client Relationship Manager will link you with talented, effective consultants to deliver solution-focused results.

Development Needs Analysis

Development Needs Analysis (DNA) is the formal process of identifying the training and development requirements of your organisation and identifying programs that help to fill the gaps. The Centre for Customised Solutions can conduct a DNA for your organisation to clarify what programs and services will best fill those needs.

Customised Surveys

Whether you're looking for a staff engagement survey, a SWOT analysis, a leadership survey or any other survey to gather feedback and information, we can create the right survey for you. Your AIM WA Client Relationship Manager will work in consultation with you to create the right survey to meet your needs.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Real ROI is an elusive quality in most learning and development programs. The factors that influence performance extend beyond a training program or change management process. However, AIM WA has developed several innovative approaches that provide a tangible link between training and performance. These approaches enable you to identify a financial return from the learning process which often pays for itself and supports a performance focus for the participants. Our custom team can assist you by generating an ROI that measures the outcomes from your AIM WA customised solution. Please ask an AIM WA Client Relationship Manager today.