AIM Western Australia leverages over 60 years of expertise delivering measurable performance improvement and capacity building to some of the world’s biggest and best companies. We also work closely with smaller organisations, addressing their specific needs with customised solutions.

We have access to the full range of over 160 AIM Western Australia Open Programs offered each year, including qualification and non-qualification programs. These programs can be delivered in Perth, offshore, or a combination of the two to fit client needs.

Our partnership with The University of Western Australia Business School allows us to work closely with some of Australia’s best and brightest academics, many of whom bring extensive world-quality research experience in areas such as corporate governance, engineering, business, mining and resources, and social media.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our international clients as effectively as possible, on time and within budget. We will discuss your requirements with you extensively to ensure we can tailor our offerings to the specific circumstances of your company, your team, and your market.

For a comprehensive list of AIM Western Australia programs that can be customised and delivered internationally, see the AIM WA Program Guide.

Some of our major areas of expertise in sample industry sectors are:

  • AIM WA International has delivered face to face training and subsequent online support for leaders and future leaders in Australia, Asia and Africa. Our range of programs in management and leadership work directly to build skills, improve performance, and develop and retain high performing staff.

    We have particular expertise in developing and supporting High Performance Leadership across all levels of leadership in multinational companies. Specific programs have been developed around working with remote teams, international teams, and teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds.

    We work with a direct-to-business model, relying on word of mouth to expand our list of clients internationally. Our operations today are a result of delivering return on investment and developing trustworthy, professional relations with clients in our region.

  • Responsible management of high value contracts and projects is essential for international businesses to adequately manage risk exposure, and achieve stable growth outcomes over time. This is crucial when dealing with overseas clients or teams posted to foreign countries. We deliver practical expertise in international project and contract management for Australian companies operating in other countries, overseas companies working here in Australia, and multinational or local companies globally.

    Available program options range from short courses through to fully fledged qualifications jointly endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). Our experience ranges from general projects to specialist programs such as those designed and delivered to major international pharmaceutical industry clients across three cities in India.

  • Managing risks to company image and liability in project development and execution has become a critical area of leadership for international companies both large and small. We work with some of the world's largest mining companies in Asia and Africa to ensure their interaction with domestic communities in exploration and extraction is achieved ethically, efficiently, and without undue risk to the company.

    While most companies investing in foreign communities are aware of the importance of engaging with resident communities to limit harm and maximise beneficial development and growth, the mechanisms by which to implement said programs can be difficult to achieve first time. Our programs focus on the concrete steps required to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for companies and communities. This approach helps to develop a positive relationship that simultaneously minimises the chance of adverse outcomes such as theft or violent crime, while ensuring that funds contributed by your company go towards projects the community truly values.

    The scope of these programs can be customised to include training in the areas of legal, security, taxation and other considerations related to investing and operating offshore in complex communities. We also work closely with local advisory bodies to tackle issues such as facilitation payments, voluntary principles, and bribery and corruption conditions specific to each market internationally.

  • Each year AIM WA provides training to large public and private sector institutions in Australia and overseas. We work closely with the Australian Government and international government bodies to ensure best practice governance worldwide. Our partnership with The University of Western Australia Business School allows us access to globally recognised researchers and academics with specialist experience in ethics and governance in an international context.

    Our unique exposure to the international market has led to collaboration with various public sector enterprises and universities in a number of countries throughout the world. We plan to continue to contribute to the development of best practice in Australia and our region as integrated development of government and other institutions continues.

  • From our base in the resource heartland of Western Australia, we work closely with national and international clients involved with some of the largest mining and energy projects in the world. From explorers and analysts through to production engineers and associated support industries, our experience gives us access to a pool of expert practitioners, consultants, and leaders in this field that is unmatched globally.

    AIM Western Australia's Corporate Members include companies that play a key role in the resource cycle, from sourcing and exploration through to extraction, production, operation and trade. The scope of our leadership development and performance improvement training includes working with a wide variety of international companies involved in production, sourcing, and managing resource distribution worldwide, including throughout North and South-East Asia, Africa, and South America.

    Our experience in this space has seen us consult directly with foreign government officials on a number of occasions. We are also active in hosting delegates visiting Perth, providing customised programs combining resource industry focused leadership training with site visits and hands-on access to leadership stories from local operators.

  • As trusted partners delivering regular training to some of Malaysia’s key banks and financial institutions, we have developed a portfolio of specialist offerings aimed at providing measurable value and return on investment for training. Our expertise in the banking and finance sphere has also seen us work with similar organisations across Indonesia, ensuring AIM Western Australia's strong contribution toward developing financial institutions across Asia.

    Our programs are designed to attract, improve and retain high performing and high potential leaders by integrating management and leadership development with more specialised content covering strategy, innovation, customer retention and expansion, ethics, and risk management.

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