Our People

Our People

In addition to the internal team below, the Institute has access to 200+ local, national and international learning and development professionals.
Julie Fraser
Head of Service Delivery

Julie is an accomplished Learning and Development professional with a diverse career spanning leadership, management, learning and development, sales and marketing. Her expertise extends across finance, aviation, resources, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Julie's natural ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds is a testament to her extensive career collaborating with various cultures throughout Australia, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. As a seasoned facilitator and coach, she specialises in leadership of self and others, emotional culture, clear communication and productivity.

Julie's focus is on guiding individuals to reconnect with their authentic selves, allowing them to bring their genuine selves to everyday experiences.

An engaging facilitator, Julie effortlessly connects with people, creating an ideal learning environment. Her approach ensures that theoretical knowledge is not merely absorbed but practically applied in the real world. Julie is committed to creating transformative experiences that empower individuals to unlock their full potential, fostering personal and professional growth.

With a passion for facilitating meaningful connections, Julie's expertise lies in empowering individuals to thrive both personally and professionally.

Nikki Ashmore
Learning and Development Specialist

Nikki is a vibrant, fun and engaging facilitator who brings out the best in others with her brilliant style of delivery. She creates a safe learning environment where participants can explore the content through practical, interactive and enjoyable activities.

Nikki believes people learn most when they are active, upbeat, energised and absorbed in the learning experience, which fits perfectly with the way Nikki likes to deliver.

Her vivacious personality combines seamlessly with her 25+ years of experience in customer service and learning and development to deliver first class outcomes for her clients.  Nikki’s work with a vast range of clients both domestically and internationally, across the public and private sectors, gives her the ability to build trust and rapport with people of varying business and education levels and cultures.

Nikki combines her wealth of experience and communiation-centred background to identify client needs and impart her knowledge in a meaningful and memorable way to assist with the transition of learning to the workplace.

Nikki has spent many years as a director on a variety of boards and executive committees. This has given her insight into the behind the scenes workings of complex organisations and high level decision making processes.

Chris Wiliams
Head of Membership

Chris is a highly engaging and knowledgeable facilitator and consultant who has held numerous management and executive roles gained from over 20 years in the Finance and Training sector, where he quickly developed his passion for leadership and inspiring people to perform to the best of their ability.

As one of AIM WA’s Senior Consultants, Chris is responsible for the design, facilitation and programme direction of many of AIM WA’s Executive programs both locally and internationally, as well as being an integral part of Leadership Development in the South East Asian region. 

His dynamic presentation style has seen him gain accolades from many industry sectors, including finance, retail, oil and gas, not for profit and the public sectors.  His philosophy is that a learning environment should be one where people are engaged in the learning process.  He customises and crafts his workshops accordingly to incorporate elements of humour, depth and interactivity to create an environment where people are challenged, stimulated and above all, inspired to learn.

Chris’ extensive industry experience as a Practitioner has given him a commercial depth that balances ‘practicality and creativity’ in his facilitation. A very engaging facilitator, Chris has been delivering a wide range of Management and Executive Programs throughout Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Lesley Reagon
Head of RTO

Lesley has over 14 years’ experience working in RTO’s and a further 10 years managing teams. With a focus on improving outcomes for participants, Lesley has implemented processes and continuous improvement plans to ensure ongoing compliance.

She has also been part of the National Training Advisory Group for the redevelopment of the Real Estate Training Package and was a representative on the National Property Industry Reference Committee.

Mike Conneely
Learning and Development Specialist

Mike is a highly engaging facilitator who has held a range of leadership and management roles gained through 15+ years working across diverse environments within Government, Not-for-Profit and Private sectors. 

Early in his career, Mike developed a passion for leading others to success. He excels in tailoring learning environments to meet his clients' specific needs.

When working with him, clients feel his authenticity and genuine care, which is evident in his vibrant and energetic style of delivery. In addition to differentiating the learning for individualised needs, Mike carefully and subtly creates a warm and inviting learning environment to ensure all participants feel safe and valued. This approach allows the people who work with Mike to flourish, as they quickly develop a newfound confidence to apply their new skills in their professional and personal life. 

Mike’s craft is underpinned by his belief that excellence can only be measured at an individual level and therefore is an individual pursuit. He sees his role in this learning process as more of a coach and mentor, sharing his knowledge and skills whilst being a pillar of support as each person grows at their own rate, in their own way.

Mike’s professional successes across Australia and Internationally give him credibility and currency in understanding the challenges and complexities of the ‘real world’ which he uses to successfully facilitate with confidence, empathy and real understanding, with trust and rapport the by-product. 

With his wealth of experience, Mike supports all clients to reach their desired outcomes and he enjoys the creative process of designing and implementing custom work to meet specific needs of clients.

Sharon Carleo
Learning and Development Specialist

Sharon is an engaging facilitator with a passion for languages, lesson design and evidence-based facilitating strategies. With 12 years of experience as a Languages teacher, working domestically and internationally, she takes pride in her excellent communication skills and in building positive and productive relationships with all participants.

Sharon has exceptional presenting and facilitating skills and an in-depth understanding of adult learning principles, honed through years of experience presenting professional learning while working at the Board of Education, Hyogo Japan, and with the Department of Education, WA.

Sharon has extensive experience in lesson design and curriculum creation, working for 3 years as the Teacher in Charge of Languages, developing engaging lessons and target-focused curriculum for her team. Her experience working within school leadership teams and participating in a wide range of committees has given her experience and training in the areas of assertive communication, cultivating a positive workplace culture, effective people managing skills, difficult conversations and leadership development.

Helen Skeggs
Learning and Development Specialist

With more than twenty-five years of experience in learning and organisational development, Helen simplifies the complex and creates original, yet innovative, high-impact, capability solutions to accelerate the achievement of organisations’, teams’ and individuals’ development goals.  A key to success is her passion for helping people enjoy the benefits of using powerful tools and techniques to transform their leadership skills, working relationships, personal productivity, resilience and ability to manage ever-increasing change. 

As an experienced business partner, facilitator, trainer and accredited coach, Helen has worked with organisations of up to 200,000 people across Australia and the United Kingdom, within multiple sectors including mining, government, health, not-for-profit and more. Her extensive experience includes leading and managing national teams as well as the design, development and delivery of face-to-face, virtual and blended learning solutions, such as:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Mentoring and coach-the-coach programs
  • Personal development programs, e.g., on Difficult Conversations
  • Holistic health and wellbeing – from mental health and resilience to FIFO lifestyle management
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Cultural change and restructuring programs
  • Team building
  • Peer support.

Helen enjoys delivering results and great value.  For example, using her unique approach to course design, combined with an energetic, positive, and supportive style, she easily engages participants - so that they are inspired to benefit from their skills and knowledge, fast.