Agile with Scrum Project Management

Agile is one of the most misunderstood approaches to project management. Far from being a loose, free-for-all, it is a disciplined approach to managing projects where the final end point is not known at the beginning. This course explores the benefits and application of the Agile approach in the workplace.


2 Days

Time (AWST)


Agile project management is an approach that sees solutions evolve through collaboration over the life of the project.

Rigorous and accountable milestones occur at key points along the way, whilst the final outcomes of the project unfold as learning occurs and budgets allow. Although originally used in software development or IT projects, it is now embraced across a wide range of disciplines.

Scrum is a popular and widely used process framework or set of practices for Agile development and this course links these two approaches.

Who will benefit

Project leaders, marketers, product developers, team leaders and business improvement specialists wanting to learn about where, when and how to use the Scrum methodologies of Agile project management.


  • What Agile project management is, and is not
  • When to use the Agile approach
  • Key characteristics and roles in the Scrum framework of Agile
  • Scoping an Agile project with a Scrum framework
  • Creating stories that translate to sprints
  • Moving from sprints to tasks
  • The daily Scrum meeting
  • Review and retrospective.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand the background to Agile project management
  • Understand the different types of Agile methodology approaches
  • Explain when Agile approaches are preferred
  • Explain the elements of Scrum methodology approach
  • Explain the roles used in the Scrum methodology approach
  • Explain the terms used in the Scrum methodology approach
  • Work efficiently to deploy the Scrum methodology approach.
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