Our flagship programs have developed as a result of our significant experience in delivering lasting leadership development and performance improvement with an international focus.

These programs are centered on building future leaders and will prove an invaluable investment for any company with exposure to international business.

Our flagship programs include:

High Performers Leadership Development Program

The High Performers Leadership Development Program is an intensive leadership development program delivered across three phases, focused on Leading the Business, Leading Others, and Leading Self. Each phase typically runs for four days, with opportunities for participants to grow and apply their learning between sessions. These can be delivered offshore, in Perth, or a combination of the two.

Managing Multicultural Teams

Managing, developing and retaining diverse and sometimes geographically distant teams has become a key skill for managers and leaders connected to international business. Managing Multicultural Teams focuses on providing measurable performance improvement rather than broad theories that are difficult to apply, where program participants work to identify strategies for improving working relationships and in doing so, build a culture of strength in diversity that can be directly applied to sustainable international growth. 

Leadership and Decision Quality in a Dynamic Environment

Leadership and Decision Quality in a Dynamic Environment program is designed specifically for senior leaders, and confronts participants with evolving real-world scenarios where they will be challenged by the need to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. Program content guides the process of displaying leadership by providing order and consistency in times of change through vision, surfacing objectives, identifying values and allocating resources.


As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), AIM Western Australia offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications.Each qualification is designed for people who wish to increase or broaden their current skills. These qualifications are hands-on and practical with a focus on competencies required in the workplace.