Many senior leaders achieve senior roles without having the skills to lead effectively and to develop the next line of leaders. The High Performers Leadership Development Program (HPLDP) is a dynamic and impactful learning and development experience for high performing managers, who have been selected by their organisations to become senior leaders in the next four to six years.

In this transformational program, run over a series of three modules, we prepare leaders to take on new responsibilities of ‘high performance and high commitment leadership’.

Our Approach and Design Philosophy

We develop high performance leaders through a program that draws upon real-world experience, evidence based contemporary research and the experience of our world-class facilitators. This gives leaders the skills to apply critical and innovative thinking around global issues in a regional and global context.

The program provides outcomes-focused learning to managers and leaders from different organisations, disciplines and industries. This is for those leaders who aspire to be vice presidents or CEOs - for people who genuinely want to make a difference in their organisations.

The Format

A highly interactive, experiential developmental opportunity over 12 days.

  • Three modules conducted as residential programs
  • Each module of four days duration.

Who Should Attend?

Ideally, the selected participants should:

  • Be at a level where they report to the top two or three levels in the organisation, or higher
  • Be in the succession pool for senior leadership roles
  • Currently be managing key people or projects
  • Have the support of the senior management for their participation.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this program, participants should be able to:

  • Articulate a clear understanding of an organisation and its relationship to strategy, purpose and the global environment
  • Define and explore what it means and what it takes to be a leader in a values-driven organisation
  • Explain the purpose and application of strategic thinking
  • Apply an integrated approach to strategic planning
  • Identify the key leadership and management skills to successfully implement and execute organisational strategy
  • Apply the concepts of innovation and paradigm shift to decision making
  • Analyse their current leadership style and apply new learning to influence others and improve organisational performance
  • Identify the key elements of successful change
  • Lead change and manage resistance to change in an organisation
  • Identify the key elements of high performance teams
  • Manage and lead team transitions
  • Understand the principles of ethical leadership and apply them
  • Take personal ownership for the accountability of results
  • Apply cognitive, emotional and social intelligence skills to the role of leadership
  • Have an understanding of the importance of managing stress in yourself and others
  • Communicate effectively and convincingly to all levels in their organisations
  • Implement appropriate communication, conflict management and influencing skills to build relationships and achieve effective results.


Sessions will use a range of facilitation styles including:

  • Facilitated sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Case analysis
  • Guided discussions
  • World café
  • Syndicate work
  • Personal reflection.

Content Overview

Stage 1 - Leading the Business | Applied Strategy and Organisational Development

Stage 1 Content:

  • HPLDP Diamond Leadership Framework
  • Understanding the importance of strategy, vision, mission, values and strategic building steps
  • Using strategic tools, frameworks and mindsets to create sustainable growth
  • Analysing global trends and applying this to the workplace in the global context
  • Assessing the organisational landscape, context and the need to be adaptive
  • Developing leadership input into thinking corporate strategy
  • Understanding and applying innovation as a strategic choice
  • Leading and managing strategic execution and high performance, high commitment
  • Developing skills to build employee engagement and working within a values driven culture
  • Working with and learning from peers through current and relevant case analysis.

Stage 2 - Leading Others | Entrenching High Performance Leadership
(Malaysia or Perth, WA)

Stage 2 Content:

  • Defining authentic leadership and understand its impact on organisational performance
  • Understanding the difference between adaptive, responsive and flexible leadership capabilities
  • Learning the inspirational qualities of leadership
  • Ethics as a core mindset
  • Building leadership capacity through mentoring and accountability
  • Developing leadership in others
  • Motivation and employee high performance
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Leading organisational change/transformational change
  • Working with and learning from peers through current and relevant case analysis
  • Speakers: personal case studies through practical live experiences (dependent on venue and location).

Stage 3 - Leading Self | Enhancing Personal Leadership Skills and Attributes


Stage 3 Content:

  • Defining your leadership brand
  • Leading with emotional and social intelligence
  • Leading different personalities
  • Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) profiling
  • Defining your signature strengths and using them in your leadership brand
  • Mapping a personal development journey and developing future aspirational goals
  • Developing others through coaching
  • Mentoring and coaching • stress management
  • Developing leadership in others through feedback
  • Handling conflict and negotiations
  • Networking and influencing outcomes
  • Personal case studies of organisation experiences
  • Working with and learning from peers through current and relevant case analysis.